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High School + Event Planning

General High School Diploma + Event Planning Career Pathways Certificate

The JMHS General High School Diploma plus Event Planning Career Pathways Certificate track offers our standard accredited high school education combined with introductory courses in professional event planning. In place of two open electives, you’ll have two credit hours of high school-level study in the processes and techniques event planners use to produce successful event. You’ll learn about budgeting, style, vendors and venues, marketing, business planning, and more as they relate to the organization of family, social, and corporate events. In the same amount of class time required to earn a general high school diploma, you’ll earn your high school diploma in addition to a Career Pathways Certificate in Event Planning.

All courses in this regionally-accredited online high school curriculum are self-paced. Academic guidance is provided by our highly trained academic advisors and state-certified teachers. The Event Planning Career Pathways track can help you develop small business skills to use after high school.

Enroll in our Career Pathways Event Planning Track if You...

  • Desire a high school diploma to fulfill a personal goal.
  • Need to fulfill requirements for job advancement or a career training program.
  • Want to work as an event planner or in a related field after graduation.

General High School Diploma + Event Planning Career Pathways Curriculum (23 Credits)

The following courses are part of the General Diploma with Event Planning Career Pathways Certificate track. You may transfer up to 17 eligible credits from your previous high school. That means you could graduate with up to $850 in tuition savings! Submit your transcript within 90 days of your enrollment for evaluation.

Course Syllabus (23 credits)

Order Courses Subject Area Credits
1 Introduction to High School Life Skills 0
2 Health Science 1
3 American History (General) Social Studies 1
4 Vocabulary Studies English 1
5 English I (General) English 1
6 Open Elective -- 1
7 Pre-Algebra Mathematics 1
8 Physical Science Science 1
9 English II (General) English 1
10 Algebra I Mathematics 1
11 Personal Finance Business 1
12 Open Elective -- 1
13 American Government and Economics (General) Social Studies 1
14 Biology (General) Science 1
15 English III (General) English 1
16 Geometry Mathematics 1
17 Open Elective -- 1
18 World History (General) Social Studies 1
19 Earth Science Science 1
20 English IV (General) English 1
21 Open Elective -- 1
22 Event Planning Part 1 Career 1
23 Event Planning Part 2 Career 1
24 World Geography Social Studies 1

Open Electives

The following courses are available to students as electives. Choosing elective courses provides a more well-rounded education.

Order Courses Subject Area Credits
1 Accounting Business 1
2 Chemistry Science 1
3 Fitness Life Skills 1
5 Nutrition Life Skills 1
6 Physics Science 1
7 Pre-Calculus Mathematics 1
8 Public Speaking English 1
9 Reading and Literature English 1
10 Spanish I Foreign Language 1
11 Spanish II Foreign Language 1
12 Spanish III Foreign Language 1

We will gladly consider any eligible transfer credits you may have from your previous high school. Why wait to earn your College Prep high school diploma? Review your tuition options or call 1-800-349-6861 or enroll online today.