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James Madison Online High School is
Dedicated to Academic Excellence

Our online high school is a model of academic excellence. Exclusively designed for successful self-paced, independent study, our online high school curriculum is aligned to Common Core State Standards for English and Math courses, distinguishing it from other online schools. Our school is also nationally and regionally accredited.This is your assurance that James Madison High School meets the highest expectations of teachers and employers nationwide and that you will gain a strong foundation of knowledge for the real world.


A High Quality Education for Everyone

James Madison High School prepares students at any age or stage of life for the next step in achieving their educational and career goals. You'll use up-to-date eBooks and optional textbooks from Pearson, the world’s leading educational publisher. Each subject is presented in an easy-to-grasp, engaging manner, and includes enriching graphics and interactivity to help make the concepts come alive on your computer.

High School Diploma Programs

Our comprehensive online high school diploma curriculum encompasses a full range of courses leading to an accredited high school diploma. Choose the learning track best suited to your needs – College Prep or General. We'll help you transfer credits so you can pick up where you left off in 9th -12th grade.

Program Objectives

  • Leads to a high school diploma
  • Prepares students with foundational skills for their career
  • Gives students the flexibility to combine school with full or part-time employment
  • Provides the opportunity for students of all ages to start or restart their High School program
  • Provides education in life skills beyond the basic High School Curriculum
  • Prepares students to enter into Ashworth College

Single-Purchase Courses

Individual online high school courses are ideal if you need to make up a few credits or retake a course to graduate from your current high school. Check with your school in advance about transferring credits.

All JMHS Students Receive...

  • Comprehensive online eBooks and study materials
  • Individualized instruction
  • One-on-one academic support
  • Unlimited tutoring
  • Access to our vibrant online student community

Companion printed textbooks are available for purchase to supplement your studies.

Good News for New Military Recruits!

The U.S. Department of Defense now recognizes graduates of DEAC-accredited online high schools as Tier I recruits, giving them full eligibility for enlistment in the armed forces. Previously, online full-time high school programs were ranked under Tier II, with limits set on percentages of eligible recruits. For information contact a James Madison High School Military Advisor at 1-877-758-7630.



JMHS Diploma

A nationally and regionally accredited high school diploma, widely respected by colleges and employers.


Certifies passage of General Education Development tests,
not equivalent to a high school diploma and not accepted by all colleges and employers.


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We Give You the Freedom to Learn

JMHS has removed the barriers of time and money to earning your diploma. Relax and study on your schedule, taking only the courses you need to graduate. You’ll appreciate the quality curriculum and how easily the low, interest-free monthly tuition fits the family budget.

  • Earn Transfer Credits

    Our generous transfer policy lets you transfer up to 17 previously earned course credits into our curriculum, for a maximum savings of $510.00 in tuition.
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  • Explore Our Catalog

    Get a comprehensive view of the James Madison High School curriculum, course descriptions, what you get, academic policies and more.
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  • Our Parent Institution

    James Madison High School is a part of Ashworth College, which offers nationally accredited career diploma, certificate and college degree programs.
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  • Have Questions?

    We’ve compiled a list of questions that prospective students most often ask. Visit our FAQ page to get quick answers.
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From my experience, I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in getting a high school diploma.  

– Patrick P., Miami, FL


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