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Tina’s Story: How A High School Diploma For Adults Changed My Life

Written by James Madison High School on Monday, 05 March 2018. Posted in Adult Learner, Success Stories

Single Mom of 5 Earns High School Diploma for Adults

Sometimes life just happens and, before you know it, you’ve tucked away your dreams. Maybe you think the  time to make those dreams come true has come and gone. James Madison High School (JMHS) graduate Tina V. was one of those people. But after love, dropping out of high school, five children, and a divorce, Tina felt something missing from her life. She knew she was meant for more but, in order to make her dreams come true, Tina faced what seemed like a tremendous obstacle: she needed to earn her high school diploma. Fortunately, in her search for an online high school, she found JMHS. Below, in her own words, is Tina’s experience earning her high school diploma for adults and the positive changes having her high school degree has made in her life.