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James Madison High School Reviews

James Madison High School reviews, testimonials and success stories are a great way for you to get information about the ins and outs of our school. JMHS reviews regularly come to us in the form of letters, emails, social media posts, and videos. The reviews are sent to us by both students and graduates who appreciate the convenience, quality, support and affordability of our programs. We hope you will have the opportunity to share your JMHS success, and leave a special James Madison High School review for us one day soon!

While at James Madison I was able to be a mom, take care of school and start a business. It has made a big difference for myself and my family and they are proud to see that I graduated.

Tamara Esquivel
High School Graduate

I loved the online experience. My schedule was crazy so I needed more flexibility. I was able to graduate early and start college and also have a career. I totally recommend James Madison.

Molly Svrcina
High School Graduate

I chose James Madison because I am a single parent and traveled a lot with my family. I recommend James Madison because if you need extra help from teachers you can always get the extra help you need.

Leah Heatherly
High School Graduate

I chose James Madison because of homeschooling. I didn't have distractions like I would have in a regular public school. It is a great school and I like the whole experience of doing it myself. And they are such friendly people.

Morgan Rayoum
High School Graduate

I have enjoyed James Madison. I always had the time to do both school and work. It's wonderful.

Jessica Shrader
High School Graduate

James Madison High School had affordable plans where I could pay monthly instead of having to pay it all at one time. The teachers were wonderful. They always supported me, pushed me and motivated me.

Katie Mitchum
High School Graduate

I needed a program I could do at my own pace and could anytime I wanted to. I didn’t feel rushed. If I didn’t understand something, I could go over it again. It feels wonderful to graduate from James Madison High School.

Dalton Deal
High School Graduate

Any questions I had I just called or emailed a teacher and they were always there to help me. I learned a whole heck of a lot more than I did in public school. Now I plan to go to college.

Kaci Dennis
High School Graduate