Traditional Students

Online School vs Traditional High School Diploma

If you are a "traditional" full-time student at a brick-and-mortar neighborhood high school, you may be wondering how you can complete your studies with more flexibility and get your high school diploma online. If you are self-motivated, comfortable using the Internet and like the idea of learning independently, you are ready to start studying at James Madison High School to get your high school diploma online after completing our program.

We help remove the barriers you may face in your local high school. For instance...

  • There is no competition with other classmates
  • There are no social cliques or peer pressures
  • There are no pop quizzes

In addition, because you log onto your lessons when you want and study at your own pace — you'll never be late for class! And you'll get supportive, individualized instruction from academic advisors and certified teachers.

An Ideal Alternative to Help You Graduate

Traditional high schools don't work for every student — or parents. At JMHS, every student has an alternative to earn a high school diploma. We are ideal for students who...

  • Seek more challenging academics
  • Struggle academically or socially
  • Previously dropped out
  • Have health challenges or special needs
  • Travel frequently

Revitalize your or your child's love of learning. Call 1-800-349-6861 or enroll online now.