Career Services

Career Services for High School Students and Grads

High School Career Services

As a James Madison High School student, you’ll have access to the same Career Services we offer to our post-secondary students at Ashworth College, Madison School of Healthcare, and PCDI Canada because we want to help our job seekers at every level make the best impression possible.

The Ashworth EDGE

When you need guidance to land your very first job or kickstart your career, the Ashworth EDGE provides an online toolkit with step-by-step tutorials and templates to help you with everything from job applications to business plans. After you graduate, you’ll retain access to your account so you can sharpen your Ashworth EDGE any time.

Register at the to create your profile and access your Toolkit.

Your Toolkit includes:

  • Resume Builder for step-by-step guidance creating a thorough overview of your skills.
  • Mock Job Application to acquaint you with the standard questions you must be prepared to answer before an interview.
  • An ePortfolio for storing all of your Ashworth EDGE documents and uploading your own.
  • Cover Letter tutorial for creating customized letters to potential employers.
  • Thank You Letter helper for writing the perfect follow up after a job interview.
  • Creating a Business Plan for comprehensive how-to lessons on developing and writing a professional, finished product you can download at the end.

Plus, post-secondary students whose programs include an externship also have access to a special section for managing the details of their on-the-job training.