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Questions on enrolling?
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Questions on enrolling? We're here 9am-9pm ET Mon-Fri


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High School College Prep Diploma vs. Technical Diploma

Written by Lauren Ambrosio on Wednesday, 14 February 2024. Posted in Traditional Students

Young woman working on electrical components after earning an online technical diploma at JMHS.

So, you've decided to attend an online high school to get your diploma–that’s great! –but now you have to figure out which track to take. At James Madison High School, we offer two different online high school diploma tracks, and it's important to pick the one that's the best fit for you. Let’s break down the differences between the high school diplomas to give you an idea of which is best for you and your future.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Diploma Online?

Written by Lauren Ambrosio on Friday, 01 December 2023. Posted in Adult Learner, Traditional Students

Young woman smiling in a graduation cap and gown.

Going to high school online is a non-traditional choice, but it has become increasingly popular among teens and adults since the pandemic. Online high schools allow students to learn at their own pace. Students who study online can complete their courses faster than students who attend traditional brick-and-mortar high schools. This is an ideal solution for anyone—teen or adult—who is ready to move on to life after high school. Even adults can go back to school and do it all online. But how long does it take to finish an online high school program, are online high school programs legit, and is it worth it to get your high school diploma online?

5 Effective Study Skills for High School Online Learning Success

Written by Des Sinkevich on Thursday, 09 November 2023. Posted in Helpful Tips

5 Effective Study Skills for High School Online Learning Success

Whether you’re enrolled in a traditional high school or an online high school, there are some universal study skills that can help you make the most of your classes. Here are the top study skills that can help you prepare for exams and remember what you learned!

The Ultimate Guide to Applying to College After High School

Written by Lauren Ambrosio on Thursday, 05 October 2023. Posted in College Bound

Graduation cap, diploma with ribbon, computer mouse, and keyboard.

The decision to attend college once you graduate from high school can be a tough one–should you start working right away and delay school or dive right into higher education? Is a two- or four-year degree better for the job you want? Or should you pursue a skilled trade license and skip college altogether?

30 Useful Study Apps & Websites for High School Students (Free and Paid)

Written by Lauren Ambrosio on Friday, 08 September 2023. Posted in Helpful Tips

Three high school students, each holding a smart phone in their hands.

Juggling your assignments, extracurricular activities, friends, and self-care becomes more difficult once you enter high school. You have so much to keep track of, so why not use every tool at your disposal? You're already spending time on your phone, so let's make those minutes count. From nailing that tough math problem to managing your ever-so-busy schedule, and even to filling those idle moments with something other than doom scrolling—there's an app for that. Keep reading as we dive into 30 apps and websites that can turn your phone from a distraction into the ultimate study buddy.

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