Questions on enrolling?
We're here 9am-9pm ET Mon-Fri

Questions on enrolling?
We're here 9am-9pm ET Mon-Fri

Questions on enrolling? We're here 9am-9pm ET Mon-Fri


We Accept All Kinds of Students

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We accept students from diverse backgrounds and at various stages of their lives. Whatever your reason for choosing one of our online high school programs, you will find it easy to become a student at JMHS.

Our Vibrant Student Community Consists Of

  • Traditional Students – Students who seek a flexible, affordable alternative to the rigid classroom and social structure of their local school; students who need extra academic assistance; advanced students who prefer to study independently; students with special health needs; and students who travel.
  • Adult Learners – Adults who are returning to earn their diplomas after leaving school for personal or academic reasons.
  • Homeschoolers – Students seeking a comprehensive, accredited high school curriculum that allows them to complete their high school diploma online, at their own pace and on a comfortable schedule.
  • Credit Recovery – Students who failed one or more courses and need to make up credit to move to the next grade or graduate; students who missed or didn't complete certain courses necessary for fulfilling their high school diploma requirements.
  • Online Summer School – Students who are looking to catch up with or get ahead of their peers may find online summer school at JMHS to be a great option.

The one thing JMHS students have in common is a strong desire to complete their high school education – paving the way for college, a career or other personal goals. Become a James Madison High School student! Call 1-800-349-6861 or enroll online today.