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Your High School Diploma


Earn Your Online High School Diploma

JMHS has removed the barriers to a high school education. Now you can earn a nationally and regionally accredited online high school diploma in the comfort of home on your own time, your own schedule and at your own pace. Start where you left off in the 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th grade and take only the courses you need. As you study, any worries about falling behind are over, because our caring academic support staff and student community are with you every step of the way. Our comprehensive curriculum will prepare you to succeed in the world, and you can be proud to graduate with an accredited high school diploma recognized by colleges and employers.


Top-rated Textbooks

The James Madison High School online high school diploma program includes engaging, up-to-date eBooks for convenient online access. You also have the choice of purchasing companion printed textbooks. All materials are provided by Pearson, a leader in educational publishing. For a detailed description of each course in our online high school diploma program, see our courses section.

  • A helpful study guide
  • Learning objectives
  • Reading assignments
  • Practice assignments
  • Teacher’s tips
  • Exam books
  • Some courses may include a workbook, DVD, CD or lab supplies
  • One-on-one teacher support and unlimited tutoring

Two Learning Tracks

We offer two learning tracks in the 9th – 12th grades. The English and Math courses for both tracks are aligned to Common Core State Standards. Not to be confused with a simple GED, our program awards an accredited online High School Diploma. We also accept transfer credits, which means you take only the courses needed to graduate.

Your Learning Materials
The Rewards of Graduation

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General Track

For students seeking a basic education to prepare for work,vocational education or admission to community college.

Subject Area Credits
English 5
Mathematics 4
Science 4
Social Studies 4
Life Skills 0
Business 1
Electives 5

Total Credits 23


College Prep Track

For students who are ready for a challenging curriculum at an advanced level of study, in preparation for the rigors of college.

Subject Area Credits
English 4
Mathematics 4
Science 5
Social Studies 4
Foreign Language* 3
Business 0
Electives 3

Total Credits 23


Note: Students must be at least 14 years of age to enroll. We encourage you to contact the college(s) of your choice in advance to verify educational entrance requirements. *Third year of Foreign Language can be taken in place of an elective.


I was happy doing it this way because I was able to go at my own pace, and I could get help anytime I needed it. I could still work and take care of my family.  

– Cristy Russell


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