How Long Will It Take to Finish High School Online at JMHS?

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How Long Will It Take to Finish High School Online at JMHS?

The choice to finish high school online may be a non-traditional one, but it’s become an increasingly popular one for teens and adults everywhere. The main reason being that online high schools allow coursework to be self-paced. Students studying to finish high school online can complete their courses faster than students stuck studying at traditional brick-and-mortar high schools. It’s an ideal solution for anyone—teen or adult—who’s ready to move on to life-after-high-school. If you’re ready to pick up the pace and complete your own accredited high school diploma online, let’s answer that most frequently asked question: how long will it take you to finish?

Diploma Requirements

James Madison High School offers two high school diploma programs: a General Diploma and a College Prep Diploma. The General Diploma is made for students who are interested in attending trade schools or seeking advancement at work. The College Prep Diploma is more rigorous academically and designed for students who are planning to attend college.

Both diploma programs require only 23 credits to finish high school. Your specific courses will vary based on which diploma you choose, though each program does include electives.

Individual Courses

Each course is valued at one (1) credit and courses can be completed in as a few as six weeks. You can take more than one course at a time, but you must complete progressive courses in order. For example, you must complete English I before you can begin English II. The number of courses you take at any one time is up to you, but we encourage our students to balance time for coursework with time for extracurricular activities, work, family and any other interests.

Set Your Own Pace

The reason you can finish high school online faster than at a traditional school is the self-pacing. Say goodbye to working according to an arbitrary school class schedule. Online, you get to work at your own pace. Courses aren’t spread out over many months with tests, quizzes and homework scheduled on certain due dates. If you need to spend a little more time on earth science than English, that’s okay!

To answer the question, the time it takes to earn your accredited high school diploma online at JMHS is really up to you. Everyone is different, and some courses are more challenging than others. No matter what schedule you keep, it’s important to give yourself plenty of time for rest. You may be eager to finish high school online as fast as possible, but it’s more important to set realistic goals. With focus, and your dedicated team of certified teachers and academic advisors, you can finish high school online successfully and quickly enough to move on to your next goal.

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