To Finish High School Online Takes Self-Discipline

Written by James Madison High School on Thursday, 14 December 2017. Posted in College Bound, Homeschooler

To Finish High School Online Takes Self-Discipline

Choosing to finish high school online is not an indicator of someone looking for an “easy way out” though some may like to think that it is.

There are a variety of reasons traditional high school students may choose to earn their diplomas at online high schools. Some teens transition into the workforce fulltime before they finish school. Some are athletes, entertainers, or world travelers with their families. Some want to start college early. And others prefer to focus on their studies at home, without the distractions that can come with busy, noisy school days. But, regardless of why, students who want to finish high school online successfully must hone skills that traditional high schoolers may not need to think as much about... yet.

The choice to finish high school online comes with a flexible study schedule that may, at first, seem like a dream. In reality, that flexibility can turn into a real nightmare for students who don’t have the self-discipline to hold themselves accountable for their school work.

At James Madison High School, all online high school students are given tools for success like:

  • An assigned Learning Advocate who serves as personal mentor from enrollment to graduation.
  • Access to an online community of peers through the Student Portal.
  • Academic tutors who are available on the phone and also through the Student Portal.
  • A quarterly newsletter that provides study tips, wise words and more!

The most successful students take advantage of these tools and use them to establish study habits, time management skills, problem-solving skills and self-sufficiency. When there’s no teacher there to make sure you show up on time, complete your assignments and study for your tests, you have to rely on yourself to set and achieve those goals.

Students can be college bound or heading straight into the working world. Either way, the sooner they acquire and hone all of the above skills, the sooner they will have the self-discipline that can lead to success.

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