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Online Homeschool for Students with Parents on the Move

Written by James Madison High School on Tuesday, 01 August 2017. Posted in For Parents

Online Homeschool for Students with Parents on the Move

Parents choose online homeschooling for their kids for many reasons. For teens, online high school creates consistency that can keep them focused, shield them from bullying, free up time for outside endeavors, or help with special needs. But, as economies become more global, families move around more than ever. Accredited homeschooling programs keep their kids on track towards that important high school diploma while they do.

What Online Homeschooling Offers

Parents involved in the military, government, or global corporations, move often for work, taking spouses and children along for the ride. Other parents travel just for the experience, wanting their kids to see the world. Whatever the reason, online homeschool makes education stable and affordable for students whose families move around.

Travel is eye-opening and educational, but even local moves can be stressful. No one likes leaving friends and starting over, but teens can struggle a lot with new peer groups. By earning a high school diploma online, teens can study without some of that added stress.

For worldwide travelers, international and boarding schools can be scary to teens and too expensive for parents. In both cases, virtual high school, and the opportunity to earn a high school diploma online, opens up the possibilities.

This Online Homeschool Provides Support and Affordability for Traveling Families

James Madison High School, an accredited homeschooling program that follows common core curriculum, makes a cost-effective education available anywhere and anytime!

The JMHS student portal provides students with 24/7 access to the tools and support of their virtual high school. They can log on whenever, from wherever. And, the affordable tuition price means parents don’t have to sacrifice the value of a high school diploma for the treasures of travel.

With students currently attending from around the world, JMHS offers flexible, affordable, trustworthy online homeschooling so students don’t have to stop learning while they see the world with their families.

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