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Questions on enrolling?
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5 Hidden Benefits of Online Homeschooling for High School

Written by James Madison High School on Wednesday, 24 January 2018. Posted in For Parents

5 Hidden Benefits of Online Homeschooling for High School

As a parent, you want the best for your child. You also know that your child is an individual, with his or her own unique learning style. Some young adults, more than others, will benefit from online homeschooling for high school Is your child one of them? Explore some of the hidden benefits of online homeschooling and decide for yourself.

1. Homeschooling online helps your child focus.

If your teen has problems focusing in a classroom, his grades may suffer and teachers may label him as unintelligent or unruly--not addressing the underlying issue that some students feel constrained or unmotivated by the classroom environment.

Fortunately, with the ability to earn a high school diploma online, you can limit and control the distractions your high schooler faces. There are no other students cracking jokes or causing distractions, and your child isn’t bored with a teacher explaining things they already understand. Instead, your child moves through the subject matter she’s comfortable with, and engages online academic help or online tutors for support as needed.

2. You can create a custom online homeschooling curriculum tailored to your child’s needs.

Traditional schools don’t always have the variety your child craves for stimulation. If your child struggles with algebra, he can take breaks as necessary to reduce frustration. Does your daughter want to become a writer? James Madison High School puts out a quarterly student-produced publication of fiction, poetry, art, and more. Does the acting bug burn inside your high schooler? As long as your teen gets the work done at night, he/she is free to go to auditions during regular school hours.

3. Online Homeschooling is a major time saver.

The elimination of the dreaded commute is just the beginning. With online homeschooling, you and your child can take full advantage of flexible scheduling, automatic grading, and self-guided lessons. This is ideal for students who happen to be a night owl, or prefer to keep unconventional hours.

4. Advanced courses are available.

Homeschooling online is so flexible your child needn’t stop at high school courses. With eCore, students can also take college courses for credit. And, most parents find that an online homeschooling curriculum allows them to be more involved and help to manage their child’s time and workload.

5. An online homeschooling program helps your child graduate.

Look for an accredited institution so you can be sure the school’s online curriculum meets national requirements for graduating. A high-quality program will help to ensure your child’s success by offering academic assistance, certified teachers, engaging ebooks, study tips, an active online community, and much more.

These are only five of the many reasons why online homeschooling is a smart and viable option for your child to earn his or her high school diploma. Contact JMHS to enroll or learn more.

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