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Ultimate Guide To Earning Your Diploma Online

Written by Nicole Dalbo on Thursday, 09 February 2023. Posted in Adult Learner, College Bound, Helpful Tips

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Thinking about earning your high school diploma online and don’t know where to get started? Then this is the guide for you! From admissions to past graduation and everything in between, here’s everything you need to know about earning your high school diploma online.

Is online school hard? The truth about studying for an online high school diploma

While on the surface online school isn’t more difficult than traditional in-person high school, online learning does have its unique challenges. Online learners will need to dedicate time to do their lessons and keep motivated to make progress toward their diplomas. At the same time, there are benefits of online learning that may make it seem even easier than traditional school.

An expert in education, JMHS’s Chief Learning Officer, Andy Shean, shared his take on the matter:

"Online learning is often just as rigorous as in-person learning; however, the flexibility to study when you are ready to focus (e.g., at night, on the weekend, etc), the ability to re-watch video content as many times as you need in order to master the learning, and on-demand support can make online learning more attractive, especially for adult learners who are often working and in some cases juggling parenting duty."

For some students, they might even find that they do better with online learning. 2022 JMHS graduate Brooke F. found that the flexibility of online earning was the easiest way for her to accomplish serious goals.

"It was the most flexible and easiest way for me to do schoolwork while also working my full-time job. Since graduation, I’ve received many new big job opportunities, I’ve moved into my own home, and bought my first car! James Madison really made it easy for me to work hard while also focusing on getting my schooling finished and out of the way!”

Having the ability to own your education by taking your exams, submitting papers, and catching up on your reading when and where you want can help you make the most out of your high school experience. No more cramming for tests the day before. Online school gives you the freedom to work on graded tasks when you feel truly prepared and knowledgeable about your subject.

Part of that process is learning how to effectively and efficiently study. If you’re in need of a brush up on your study skills (who isn’t?), then check out some of these great resources.

The study skills you need to help you get in the mood to study and have a success mindset

  1. 5 Effective Study Skills for High School Online Learning Success
    New to studying and don’t know where to start? Don’t sweat it. This breakdown will give you an overview of 5 effective study skills that can help you get ahead in online high school! From note taking to time management, learn what you can do to be in control of your success in education.
  2. 5 Tips to Get You In the Mood to Study
    We totally get that sometimes the hardest part about studying is getting started and staying motivated to continue. That’s why we came up with these tips to help get you in the mood to study. While some tips may seem straight forward, others may surprise you. But the most surprising part? How simple these all are to apply to your life.
  3. 6 Tips For Getting Out of a Procrastination Rut
    Procrastination—we’ve all been victims to it. Now’s the time to escape its hold on us and stop it from preventing us from accomplishing our goals. Rise above procrastination with these 6 helpful tips to get you out of your rut and start regaining control of your life.
  4. To Finish High School Online Takes Self-Discipline
    Choosing to finish high school online is not an indicator of someone looking for an “easy way out,” though some may like to think that it is. Online high school takes hard work and self-discipline in order to make it all the way to graduation. Learn what tools you have to put your self-sufficiency in motion with this helpful blog.
  5. How to Develop a Growth Mindset for Success
    Success is possible with the right state of mind. A growth mindset is the belief that you are in control and have the ability to change things through hard work and focus. Discover how you can develop your growth mindset with these helpful strategies to unlock your potential.
  6. 10 Fast and Simple Tips for Better Learning
    Equipping yourself with the right methods to learn more efficiently will not only help you hit your goals, but do so quicker and with more ease. Check out these tips and tricks to find out which methods work best for you in helping you earn your diploma.

What you need to know about earning a high school diploma online if you’re not traditional high school age

Can You Get a High School Diploma as an Adult?

Wondering if you can get a high school diploma as an adult? The answer is yes! Discover your options, from finishing high school online, getting your GED or high school equivalency, or attending night school, and the pros and cons of each—alongside everything else you need to know to get started.

High School Education With No Age Limit

If you’re over 21, earning your high school diploma is possible with online education. With no age limit, you can begin or continue your journey toward finishing high school without the age restrictions of traditional school. While the idea of returning to high school as an adult may seem intimidating, you have a solid support system behind the many resources available to you as a JMHS learner.

4 Reasons Why You Need Your Adult High School Diploma

Looking for an excuse to finally commit to earning your high school diploma? This is it. These four reasons will tell you exactly why having a high school diploma as an adult in today’s world is a necessity. This blog could be the motivation you need to get the gears in motion to finally commit to your journey toward a better life.

JMHS Moms Succeed in High School and Life

Despite the many responsibilities and hurdles they face, moms everywhere are tending to their classes and their children while also managing everything else in life. Find out how moms are utilizing the Student Community at JMHS to share tips, stories, and motivation with each other to keep on conquering their goals.

How Parents Can Go Back to High School

Although rewarding, parenthood is tough. Raising children can take up so much time in a parent’s daily life that school seems impossible—but it doesn’t have to be. Discover how parents are able to go back to school on their terms and take the first steps toward a better life for themselves and their families.

Can You Repeat High School

Not everyone’s first experience in high school was ideal for them to the point where they want to start over—and that’s okay. Whether it was due to medical leave, absences, non-passing grades, or something else entirely, know that there are options out there for you to get back on track. Whether you want a fresh start or want to continue what you’ve started, learn about your options for repeating high school, recovering credits, and everything in between.

3 myths about transferring to an online high school (and what you need to know instead)

There are many myths about online high school, but they’re just that – myths. Today, an online high school diploma is more accepted than ever. Here’s what you need to know about some of the common myths around online school that may be preventing you from taking the next step toward reaching your goals.

Myth #1: You can’t unenroll from public high school during the middle of a school year

As long as you have another school lined up, it’s totally possible to unenroll from your public school during the middle of a school year. (Although if you’re a minor, you’ll need some help from a parent or guardian.)

Don’t stay trapped in an environment you don’t excel in longer than you need to. Learn the steps needed from the admissions process in your new school to unenrollment from your current school in this useful article.

Read more: How to Transfer from Public School to Online School

Myth #2: You can’t go back to public school for your next grade if online school isn’t working for you

Although the freedom of online school is helpful to some people, it’s not for everyone. If online school isn’t the right fit for you, you aren’t locked in for life, but it can be a great option to explore if it seems appealing to you! Don’t let the thought of possibly not thriving in an online school hold you back because you can always transfer back into a more traditional high school if you discover online learning isn’t your cup of tea!

Read more: Pros and Cons of Online High School

Myth #3: You can’t make new friends while in online high school

Making friends might be different in an online high school versus a traditional one, but online learners are still finding ways to form new relationships with others. Having to make friends in a slightly different manner can even help them build strong emotional intelligence, have a more diverse circle of friends, and be more accepting of others.

Read more: 3 Ways Online High School Students Can Make Friends

What is credit recovery, and what do you need to know about it?

There are many reasons that students may need to take a stand-alone class, from medical reasons to failed grades and everything in-between. The process of making up those missing credits is what is referred to as credit recovery.

Although you may be most familiar with the idea of summer school for making up lost credits, that’s not the only day modern learners can recover their credits. Because online schools like JMHS offer individual classes as well as a full high school diploma program, you don’t need to enroll in the full program if you’re only looking to make up a few credits. If at any time you feel unsure if your school will accept your credit recoveries, just check in with your guidance counselor about your decision to see if your credits will be accepted.

Credit recovery students can now reclaim their summers or even avoid repeating a grade by simply enrolling in the classes they need to continue onward. Flexible, self-paced learning means that these students can work on their credit recovery around school and their extra curriculars from the comfort of their own home.

Read more: How Does High School Credit Recovery Work

Getting a job with your online high school diploma

Can You Get a Job with an Online High School Diploma

Getting a job with an online high school diploma is more possible now than ever. The rising popularity of online education has made online high school more commonplace and accepted by students, employers, and higher education providers. As long as your online high school is accredited, jobs will accept it as a valid form of high school completion.

How to Choose a Job After High School

Earning your high school diploma is only one part of the journey, but finding out what steps you need to take next can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. Find out how you can make an educated decision about choosing your career after high school by factoring in your interests, personality, and lifestyle choices with this in-depth guide.

How to Start Building Yourself Up Professionally

Whether you’re still in high school or have already graduated, building yourself up professionally is a powerful starting point before entering a career. With the working world and collegiate world growing increasingly more competitive, it’s important to give yourself every advantage possible. Uncover what experiences can count towards professional experience and how you can show off your

How Social Media Can Help You Get Jobs

Social media is not only a fun way to pass the time and connect with friends, but it can also help you land your next job. In fact, a survey from CareerBuilder found that as many as 70% of employers check out their candidates’ social media pages. Equip yourself with the know-how to turn your online presence into an attractive tool to future employers and stand out from the crowd.

Everything you need to know about tests and exams when you’re earning your high school diploma online

Not knowing what to expect in school, especially anything involving grades, can certainly be worrisome.

Get prepared for online learning by supplying yourself with the knowledge to know exactly what to expect. From written assignments to end-of-lesson exams, you’ll learn exactly what to expect, what grades you’ll need to pass, and what you can do if you fail an exam or your class at JMHS. Beyond your grades, you’ll also be able to identify what academic assistance you’ll have available to you as you progress through your lessons.

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Can you graduate with your online high school diploma early?

The ability to graduate early is one of the best perks of online high school.

If you’re someone that wants to fast track their diploma, high school doesn’t have to take the full four years to finish. But how can you stay on track to stay ahead? With flexible learning, you’ll have full ownership of the speed at which you progress through your lessons. Whether you’re looking to go to college or begin your career right after high school, online education can help you meet those goals faster while still receiving a quality education.

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What’s the difference between a diploma and a GED?

Although both a diploma and the GED can prove that you have completed high school, there are quite a few pros and cons to each of them. While neither is better, it can help to know which is better for you. Make an educated decision on how you want to show your proof of high school completion depending on how quickly you want to graduate, what you’d like to do after high school, and if financial aid is something you’re looking to get in the future.

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Can you still get into college with an online high school diploma?

Yes! You can get into college with an online diploma.

Although an online diploma won’t guarantee you make it into college, there are ways you can help your chances. Your grades, SAT and ACT scores, and extracurricular play a major part in getting accepted into your intended college.

Nationally accredited by both Cognia and the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC), JMHS is recognized as a leader in online education, and is accepted by many colleges and four-year universities across the nation.

However, it’s always best to take a proactive approach to your education. To feel sure if your prospective college will accept your diploma, reach out to their admission team by phone or email in advance and confirm the diploma from your online school will be accepted.

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Get started on your high school journey

Now that you have all the knowledge to fully prepare you for online school, it’s time to get started owning your education. JMHS is an online school where you can earn your accredited diploma on your terms. Take the first steps toward your success by enrolling online or contact an Admissions Specialist at 1-800-349-6861 for more information today.

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