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6 Tips For Getting Out of a Procrastination Rut

Written by Nicole Dalbo on Friday, 25 March 2022. Posted in Helpful Tips

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Have you ever had something you had to do but couldn’t bring yourself to get started? We’ve all been there. Although procrastination is hard to overcome, it doesn’t need to hold you back! There are ways you can combat procrastination and finally cross off the tasks on your to-do list you’ve been putting off! Accomplish your goals with these 6 simple tips for pulling yourself out of a procrastination rut.

1. Remember why your goal matters.

Keeping your goal in the forefront of your mind is super important when tackling procrastination. Whether your goal is small or large, remember why it’s important to you, and why it needs to get done. Even if getting there is a little painful, the end result will be worth it! Being intentional about your actions will help keep you on track toward completing them.

2. Create smaller tasks to accomplish your main goal.

Large goals can certainly feel overwhelming, and it’s one of the reasons that falling into a procrastination rut can be so easy. Writing an entire essay may feel like a lot of work but dedicating 30 minutes to writing the outline that will shape your paper will feel easier and make your next steps less intimidating! Breaking up your work into small bite-sized chunks helps you visualize the progress you’re making and allows you to feel accomplished more regularly.

3. Create deadlines—and stick to them!

When the finish line isn’t in sight, it’s so easy to put something off for another day. This kind of behavior is certainly responsible for a lot of the bad habits procrastination brings out in all of us. Creating a deadline for yourself will help keep you on track. Just don’t forget to hold yourself accountable and stick to those dates!

4. Minimize distractions.

Distractions are the root of procrastination. While it may not be possible to eliminate all distractions in your area, it’s important to limit yourself to them as much as possible. Take a moment and figure out what takes your attention away from your task. Distractions are different for everyone, so you’ll have to identify what minimizing them looks like for you. Turning off notifications on your phone is a great place to start.

5. Reward yourself for your milestones.

Did you complete 50% of your essay? Or maybe finish all the lessons for your course? That’s great! When you’re caught in a procrastination whirlwind, progress is important and should be celebrated! Reward yourself with appropriately sized awards so you have something to look forward to when pushing yourself to these landmarks.

6. Work through procrastination.

When you’re in a procrastination rut, the hardest part is almost always getting started. The best way to combat this is just to force yourself to get into it. Before you know it, you’ll get in the zone and make progress on whatever you’re setting your mind to.

While everyone experiences procrastination once in a while, it certainly doesn’t have to take over your life. When you know the techniques to tackle it, you’ll be able to soar with an education on your terms. Achieve your goal of graduating high school by earning your diploma with James Madison High School. For more information on enrolling in James Madison, contact our Admissions Specialists at .

About the Author

Nicole Dalbo

Nicole Dalbo

Nicole Dalbo studied English Literature with a minor in Women’s Studies from the University of Scranton and is currently working toward her MS in Marketing. When she isn’t writing, Nicole can be found watching the newest Marvel movie, baking something sweet, or jamming out to live music.