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4 Ways to Get a High School Diploma Early

Written by Nicole Dalbo on Monday, 03 January 2022. Posted in Helpful Tips

Graduate holding out a diploma.

High school doesn’t have to take four years to complete—there are ways you can finish in less time! Whether you’re looking to go to college or begin your career right after high school, online education can help you meet those goals faster while still receiving a quality education. Discover four great reasons how an online high school education may help you earn your diploma sooner!

1. Build a flexible schedule with online courses.

Life is busy. Whatever your daily schedule looks like, having the flexible schedule of an online education will allow you the opportunity to work on your schoolwork, even if you are busy during traditional school hours. When your brain works best is a factor that is important to consider too. Flexible schedules will allow you to access your lessons, morning, day, or night — whenever you feel ready to tackle your assignments.

Because JMHS is completely on your own time, you can earn credits at a pace that works for you. A traditional high school setting may hold you back when you’re ready to move on to your next lesson. With online high school, you can accelerate through your lessons as quickly as you’d like. Earn your credits at your own pace, and progress as quickly as the amount of hours you can put in. If you put in the work, you may even graduate faster than you thought!

2. Take summer courses

Summer courses are a great way to pick up the pace toward earning your diploma. If graduating is your top priority, the long time off from a summer break might do more harm than good. Keep up your momentum by taking some courses! Even if you’re not a full-time student with JMHS, our single course options will let you earn transfer credits to get ahead in school. As long as you have a device with the internet, you can even take your exams while relaxing outside, or during your break for your summer job. The best part is that all the courses you take during the summer are courses you don’t have to take later on!

3. Prepare for college in high school

If college is your next stop after high school, online high school could be a great option for you. JMHS’s College Prep track is designed for learners like you that want to prepare for college. This challenging diploma includes classes that may appear more appealing to college admissions departments than a general diploma would. Get the science, math, literature, and history credits that colleges are looking for, while getting a handle for yourself of what’s to come after high school.

4. Get support from teachers and counselors

Just because online high school doesn’t involve in-person socialization, doesn’t mean you’re in this alone. JMHS has a huge support system of instructors and Academic Advisors who are here to help you understand your lessons. Many of these helpers are just a call, a ticket, or an email away! If you need a little extra help with writing, you can even set up an appointment with the Writing Lab to really improve your essays and written assignments.

Be in control of your education with JMHS

If you’re serious about your ambitions, don’t let a traditional high school setting hold you back. With an online high school like JMHS, you can take control of your education, your career goals, and your life, at your own pace. To learn more about enrolling with JMHS, reach out to an Admissions Specialist today at .

About the Author

Nicole Dalbo

Nicole Dalbo

Nicole Dalbo studied English Literature with a minor in Women’s Studies from the University of Scranton and is currently working toward her MS in Marketing. When she isn’t writing, Nicole can be found watching the newest Marvel movie, baking something sweet, or jamming out to live music.