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6 Tips to Study More Effectively

Written by Nicole Krempasky on Wednesday, 10 February 2021. Posted in Helpful Tips, Traditional Students

Man at desk writing with highlighter

Studying may seem like a straightforward activity, but just because you’re sitting down and, going over material, it doesn’t mean you’re making the most of your time. There are certain tips, tricks, and habits you can develop to not only help you study, but ensure you’re studying effectively.

6 tips to help you study more effectively

  1. Know your learning style. If you always thought there was just one way to learn, you’ll be surprised that there are actually a few. Visual learners learn best through identifying and recalling facts through sight, while auditory learners learn best through sound. Other learners retain information best through a combination of reading and writing. Once you determine your learning style, make a conscious effort to prep your study materials and activities in a way that works for that style. Some examples include:
    • Visual: use different colored pens and highlighters, draw pictures or diagrams, and make flash cards.
    • Auditory: a great part about JMHS is that lessons are online. You can refer back to video lessons any time you like. You can also make up rhymes or songs to help the information stay fresh in your mind.
    • Reading/writing: continue re-reading your texts, make notes for yourself, and remember to review those notes a few times.
  2. Set regular study times. While an online school like JMHS offers the flexibility of creating a schedule that works for you, it does require a good deal of discipline. Make a plan to dedicate a specific amount of time at a set time to ensure you follow through with your studies. By setting a specific time, you’ll worry less about having to multitask with other responsibilities. Not only will studying become a regular part of your routine, eliminating less useful cram sessions, you’ll train your brain to focus on schoolwork at that time.
  3. Review notes while the information is fresh. Once you finish a lesson you might want to close the laptop and books and have some fun. But consider taking a few minutes to look over all the notes you’ve taken while the information is fresh in your mind. You’ll understand the material better in that moment, helping to solidify it so you can recall it more easily the next time you take a look.
  4. Don’t be afraid to take a break. Even if you set a block of study time and stick with it, you’re still bound to have days where your focus isn’t the best. If you feel yourself getting bored, disinterested, or distracted, take some time to step away and regroup. Do some stretches, go for a walk, or listen to music. Do something to give your brain a break so you can recharge and come back more alert and focused.
  5. Feed your brain. We all know it’s important to eat, but what you eat matters. Skip the sugary snacks that give you an energy spike; you’ll crash hard later. Practice good nutrition by eating “brain foods” like fruits, veggies, and whole grains. Maintaining a nutritious diet has been proven to improve student performance, so save the junk food as a special reward later for doing well.

Remember, no two students are alike. Your learning style, study time, and sleep schedule need to work specifically for you. If you start creating good habits now, though, they’ll follow you throughout life.

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Nicole Krempasky

Nicole Krempasky

Nicole Krempasky earned a BA in Communications with a minor in Art History from Arcadia University. Just finishing her MA in International Journalism from Edinburgh Napier University, she is putting her writing and research skills to use as Penn Foster’s Marketing Coordinator. Nicole enjoys baking, traveling, and British TV.