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4 Reasons Why You Need Your Adult High School Diploma

Written by James Madison High School on Tuesday, 11 December 2018. Posted in Adult Learner

4 Reasons Why You Need Your Adult High School Diploma

Adults have many reasons for going back to high school to earn their diplomas. Some want to be a good role model for their children and grandchildren. Others want the personal satisfaction of completing the accomplishment. And for many, the chance to earn better wages tops the list. Here are four good reasons why you need your adult high school diploma – and how to earn it.

Reason #1: So you can earn more money

What would an extra $200 a week mean to you? According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), that’s how much more the median individual with a high school diploma earned, compared to a worker who never graduated. That’s a lot of greenbacks you’re leaving on the table if you dropped out of high school.

In 2017 a full-time worker without a high school diploma earned a median wage of $515 per week, while a high school graduate earned $718.

Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, The Economics Daily

Fortunately, online education makes it easy for you to go back and get that diploma – and you may not have to start over to do it. Talk to a JMHS enrollment advisor today to find out exactly how many classes you need to take to earn your diploma. It may be fewer than you think.

Reason #2: To get a better job

In times gone by, the job pool offered a wealth of opportunities for people who dropped out of high school. Positions like heavy equipment operator, auto mechanic, or secretary were plentiful and didn’t necessarily require a diploma. Today, the hiring landscape has changed. Employers want to see that you completed at least a minimum education, and they will show hiring preference to those with a diploma over those without one. When you earn your high school diploma the job pool broadens substantially to include administrative positions, customer service jobs, and other great occupations. Plus, you won’t be stuck in an entry-level position your whole career. With a diploma you can advance up the ladder – and even go to college!

Reason #3: To enjoy a higher quality of life

No matter where you live, your chance of keeping your head above the poverty line increases when you earn a high school diploma. In Iowa, for example, nearly half of all adults on Medicaid lack a diploma* – and nearly a quarter of them receive food assistance. On the other hand, going back to school and getting your diploma enables you to pursue better-paying jobs that lead to a higher quality of life for you and your entire family.

Reason #4: Because it’s good for your kids

Earning an adult high school diploma doesn’t only benefit you. Children whose parents have at least a high school diploma are more likely to complete their own high school education. In addition, you’ll be able to be more involved in your child’s education by helping with homework instead of feeling lost or unable to contribute. Finally, actions speak louder than words. When you return as an adult to complete your high school diploma, you’re delivering a powerful message to your kids about the importance of education, goals, self-respect, perseverance, and follow-through.

Learn More About Earning an Adult High School Diploma

It’s never too late to get your diploma. Talk to an admissions advisor today to find out how many classes you need to take to graduate high school and start enjoying the benefits of having a diploma.


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