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How Parents Can Go Back to High School

Written by Nicole Krempasky on Tuesday, 24 August 2021. Posted in Adult Learner, Helpful Tips

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Back to school season is here again! It’s an exciting time for high school students, but the anticipation doesn’t have to be reserved for only traditionally aged students. There are many parents of young children and teenagers who have yet to receive their own high school diploma. Often, they feel they’re too old or too busy to continue their studies, but James Madison High School is here to help you reach your goals.

How can parents go back to high school?

Parents are among the busiest people in the world, especially working parents. The idea of returning to high school can pose a lot of questions, if not major challenges. Am I too old? How will I balance my studies with raising a family and my job? Where will I find the time? James Madison High School knows every student experience is different, so your learning experience should be tailored to fit you individually.

One of the biggest challenges parents face when trying to go back to school is time management. Many parents work outside the home, and even for those who do not, coordinating schedules and parental duties can be difficult. Traditional brick-and-mortar schools do offer paths for adult learners to earn their high school diploma, but they also leave little room for flexibility. For instance, classes are often in the evenings, coinciding with dinner and bedtimes. There are also set deadlines for coursework and assignments which don’t account for work schedules, sick children, or other life events.

However, with an online school like JMHS, students set their own pace, learning as quickly or as slowly as they need. All classes are online, too, so there’s no need to miss a holiday concert, rush out the door, or cut out of work early to make it to class on time. Simply log on to your computer wherever and whenever it works for you.

Another way JMHS differs from most traditional public schools for returning learners is that we offer more than one high school track. You can choose from one of three programs, depending on your future goals.

  • General Diploma. If you’re just looking to earn your diploma and perhaps improve your job prospects, or enter career training, the General Diploma can fulfill all the basic requirements needed to help you get ahead.
  • College Prep Diploma. If you’re feeling the momentum and want to continue pursuing your education, you can challenge yourself further with a College Prep Diploma. Academically more rigorous, it’ll help set the foundation for you to prepare for a four-year college degree program.
  • Career Pathways. If you want to change direction with your current job or enter the workforce, the Career Pathways can help you gain real-world, hands-on job skills while you’re earning your high school diploma. You’ll receive a Career Pathways Certificate in addition to your high school diploma, showing employers you’re ready with the knowledge to get started.

Why should you go back to high school?

Returning to high school may seem like a challenge, and it can be, but it’s worth it. There are many good reasons that make it a wise and beneficial decision. Earning your high school degree can open up job opportunities as well as increased earning potential. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, high school graduates can earn up to 32% per week than those without a diploma.

Aside from the possibility of a better quality of life through promotions and better wages, earning your high school diploma sets a good example for your own children, increasing their likelihood of finishing high school. Plus, watching you move forward will give them a sense of pride and admiration, as well as inspire them to reach their own goals, seeing that it’s never too late.

Go back to school with James Madison

James Madison High School not only helps make time management easier, we also offer affordable tuition and monthly payment plans to help further ensure high school is a possibility for all learners. Plus, you can save even more and finish faster through our credit recovery program. Get in on the back-to-school action by calling our Admissions Team at or enroll online now.

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