Online American Government and Economics

Course Description

Part 1 of American Government & Economics (General) explores the structure, dynamics and processes of the American system of government, providing a comprehensive introduction to the origins and development of ideas and institutions that influence the contemporary political milieu. The course examines the development and composition of the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution, the three branches of government, political parties, and interest groups within the framework of the historical, economic and social context. Assessment of student learning occurs through multiple choice exams.

Part 2 of this course explores the fundamental economic question of the behavior of consumers, firms, and markets under the constrictions of scarcity. Topics covered include supply and demand analysis, determination of market prices, profit maximizing output, distribution of income, Gross Domestic Product, and fiscal and monetary policy. Assessment of student learning occurs through multiple choice exams.

Course Summary

  • Course Name: American Government & Economics (General)
  • Subject Area: Social Studies
  • Credits: 1 Unit
  • Track: General
  • Price: $
  • Book(s)*: Prentice McGruder’s American Government (1st ed., Vol. 1). Pearson Prentice Hall (2010). Prentice Hall: Economics (1st ed., Vol. 1). Pearson Prentice Hall (2013).

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