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General Learning Track


General High School Diploma Track

A high school diploma is the basic qualification for getting a job and advancing your career, particularly in a competitive job market. The JMHS General high school diploma learning track gives you a convenient way to earn this important credential. As a student in our nationally and regionally accredited General high school diploma program, you’ll lay the foundation for moving ahead in the workforce. You’ll also set the stage for furthering your education in a community, junior or technical college.


Learn at a Basic Level

In the General learning track, your curriculum consists of fundamental online courses that are taught at a basic high school level. You’ll steadily move from one concept to the next, gradually expanding your knowledge of each subject with the help of interactive instruction. This program is ideal for the student who needs a high school diploma and does not necessarily intend to apply to college after graduation.

Prepare For a Better Job and More

Earning your high school diploma means you’ll be better prepared for the challenges of the real world. When you graduate from the James Madison High School General learning track, your diploma will serve as the prerequisite for getting a better job, starting an internship or apprenticeship, or entering a vocational or technical training program. And many of our General high school diploma learning track graduates gain acceptance to college, including community and junior colleges and some four-year degree programs.



Do you prefer a more challenging level of study? Do you want to earn a high school diploma primarly to get into college?


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General Track - Total Credits 23

You may earn up to 17 eligible transfer credits from your previous high school. That means you could graduate in as little as six months with up to $510.00 in tuition savings! Submit your transcript within 90 days of your enrollment for evaluation. We will advise you as to credits earned and recommend which learning track best fits your needs. The Introductory course is required.

Order Courses Subject Area Credits
1 Introduction to High School Life Skills 0
2 Health Science 1
3 American History (General) Social Studies 1
4 English I (General) English 1
5 Vocabulary Studies English 1
6 Open Elective -- 1
7 Pre-Algebra Mathematics 1
8 Physical Science Science 1
9 English II (General) English 1
10 Algebra I Mathematics 1
11 Personal Finance Business 1
12 Open Elective -- 1
13 American Government and Economics (General) Social Studies 1
14 Biology (General) Science 1
15 English III (General) English 1
16 Geometry Mathematics 1
17 Open Elective -- 1
18 World History (General) Social Studies 1
19 Earth Science Science 1
20 English IV (General) English 1
21 Algebra II Mathematics 1
22 Open Elective -- 1
23 Open Elective -- 1
24 World Geography Social Studies 1

Open Electives

Several courses are available to students as electives. Elective courses allow you to explore a special interest, sometimes setting the stage for a career choice. Choosing elective courses provides a more well-rounded education and may impress college admission offices, too.

Courses Subject Area Credits
Accounting I Business 1
Chemistry Science 1
Fitness Health 1
Math (General) Mathematics 1
Nutrition Health 1
Physics Science 1
Pre-Calculus Mathematics 1
Principles of Public Speaking English 1
Reading and Literature English 1
Spanish I Foreign Language 1
Spanish II Foreign Language 1
Spanish III Foreign Language 1

From my experience, I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in getting a high school diploma.  

– Patrick P., Miami, FL


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