Summer School is a Chance to Get Ahead

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Summer School is a Chance to Get Ahead

Sometimes, extra preparation is the secret to getting ahead in life.

While many of us may consider summer school to be a punishment, others need to take full advantage of the time off from the traditional academic calendar. For high school students, that could mean going to summer school for credit recovery courses to replace failing grades or pursuing something extra that can deliver life-long results in their careers. In the case of the latter, summer school is an excellent opportunity to get a head start on difficult subject matter or free up class periods for courses that have limited availability during the regular school year.

Unlike expensive single-subject summer intensives and boarding schools for college-bound teens who can afford to use summer vacations to rack up Advance Placement course credits (Taking Summer School to Get Ahead, Not Catch Up), affordable online courses can broaden opportunities for every teen who wants to get ahead.

Getting Ahead with Summer School at James Madison High School

There are 40 individual online courses available to take in the summer through James Madison High School. The subject areas include Business, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, English, Life Skills, and Foreign Language—something for every high schooler.

Students can open up some class periods during the school year by tackling required (but mundane) courses like Fitness or Health online during summer break... If English is a student’s second language, Vocabulary Studies is a great crash course before the new school year starts... And if higher math looms larger than the worst I-forgot-my-locker-combination-again recurring nightmare, students can take their time making peace with it by working through Pre-Algebra or Pre-Calculus online without the pressure of the classroom and with full access to as much tutoring as needed.

An individual online course can be completed in as few as six-weeks and costs just $299 at JMHS. Students can take up to five of these courses for credit. (Before enrolling, check with the receiving school’s administration to make sure JMHS credits will be accepted.) But credits don’t even have to be transferred if the course work is just extra practice before the traditional school year starts.

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