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Questions on enrolling?
We're here 9am-9pm EST Mon-Fri

Questions on enrolling? We're here 9am-9pm EST Mon-Fri


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Earn your high school diploma on your own terms and take control of your future. Explore our blog to get an inside look at educational insights, industry hot topics, tips and tricks to help you succeed, and some of our most exciting student and school successes!

What You Can Learn From Online High School

Written by James Madison High School on Wednesday, 24 June 2020. Posted in Helpful Tips

Girl taking notes by laptop.

When you’re enrolled in an online high school diploma program like James Madison’s, you’ll cover the standard subjects you’d take in a traditional high school setting. Students study subjects like English and math, which are aligned to Common Core standards, as well as history, science, and elective courses. But there’s more you can learn from taking online high school classes, outside of the academics. Here’s what you can learn from online homeschooling.

How to Adjust to Learning Online

Written by James Madison High School on Thursday, 11 June 2020. Posted in Helpful Tips

Mug and laptop on table.

Online learning is a convenient and flexible way to earn your high school diploma. But if you’ve never taken online classes, you may not be sure how to adjust your study methods. How does online school work? Do you take notes the same way you would in a classroom? Here’s what you need to know to help you adjust and succeed in your online classes.

How Can A High School Diploma Help In Your Job Search

Written by James Madison High School on Tuesday, 02 June 2020. Posted in Adult Learner

Textbooks and notes on table.

Having a high school diploma can help you meet the basic requirements for many in-demand careers and allow you to take the next steps toward securing a job you’re interested in. With a few exceptions, most employers today are unlikely to even consider an application from someone who doesn’t meet their minimum education requirements. But besides getting your application to the next stage of the hiring process, completing your high school diploma has other benefits that can make a positive impression when you’re applying to jobs, from helping you develop problem-solving skills to building your understanding of the basic math and reading you’ll use every day.

5 Ways to Shake Up Your Homeschooler’s Study Sessions

Written by James Madison High School on Friday, 10 April 2020. Posted in Homeschooler

White pencil with text that reads you got this.

Homeschooling offers an independent, self-paced education for students who may not thrive in a public school environment or who want the option to finish high school on their terms. But completing classwork and studying only at home—especially during a pandemic that keeps everyone inside—can start to feel like being stuck in a rut for your student. Without a change of scenery, they can get bored and find it harder to focus. Shaking up their study sessions can help them get back on track and excited to learn, but what can you do when the world is practicing social distancing? Here are five ideas to get started!

Tips to Balance Work and School

Written by James Madison High School on Wednesday, 25 March 2020. Posted in Adult Learner

Woman working on laptop with notebook.

As an adult learner, school isn’t your only priority. While you know you need to finish your high school diploma, you also need to work, spend time with family, and try to squeeze in some downtime for yourself. Staying on track with all of your responsibilities can be a job in itself but with a little planning, balancing work, school, and your life is doable. Here’s how to get started.

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