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Questions on enrolling?
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What Makes Online Homeschooling a Unique Homeschooling Opportunity?

Written by James Madison High School on Wednesday, 26 April 2017. Posted in Adult Learner, Homeschooler

What Makes Online Homeschooling A Unique Homeschooling Opportunity?

Online homeschooling is a unique learning experience that is simply better for many high school students and adults looking to earn their high school diploma. Learning via the Internet offers many unique benefits that aren’t available to students who attend traditional high schools, or who are homeschooled without the benefit of a learning opportunity like JMHS.

Online learning still allows students to be taught at home. This means that education can be treated as a family matter. Parents can still assist with various subjects and help mold their education. At the same time, the entire burden of a child’s education doesn’t fall completely onto the shoulders of parents.

Our programs are set up and designed to be self-sustaining and self-taught, meaning parental input isn’t needed (but always appreciated). If your children get stuck, and you aren’t available, our staff will be able to help. This offers a good option for parents who don’t have much time to participate in their child’s education.

Other times, it’s the parent who wishes to earn their high school diploma, and James Madison High School online isn’t just for teenagers. Our program is perfect for adults, too! Our technology platforms are very user friendly, and our diplomas are highly respected by employers. Online learning is also very flexible and can fit into a busy adult’s working and family commitments.

With a huge range of classes in a wide variety of subject areas, James Madison’s online high school provides an excellent opportunity for students. Whether that be anything from Spanish to Physics or Algebra, JMHS has the classes you need in its online courses. You can even transfer credits in that you’ve already earned—no need to start from scratch!

So whether you’re a teenager looking for another option, or working adult or parent who needs a program that can fit your life, consider James Madison High School and learn online.

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