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Questions on enrolling?
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Questions on enrolling? We're here 9am-9pm ET Mon-Fri


Helpful Tips

5 Tips For Time Management

Written by Nicole Dalbo on Friday, 11 February 2022. Posted in Helpful Tips

Daily planner with motivational message surrounded by markers and pens.

Sometimes it feels like there’s not enough hours in the day to just do the things you absolutely need to do—let alone meet your goals. Life, work, and school can consume so much time and energy that there isn’t any time left for you. But it is possible to find the right balance with time management! Managing your time effectively can allow you to accomplish so much more without feeling overwhelmed. Your time is valuable, so make the most out of it with these 5 tips for time management!

5 Ways Gifted Students Can Benefit From Online High School

Written by Nicole Dalbo on Thursday, 03 February 2022. Posted in Helpful Tips

Young girl studying on her computer while writing in a notebook.

For gifted students, a traditional high school setting may not be able to engage your child’s mind to its full potential. When teachers go at a pace that fits the whole class, it can leave your child bored and under -stimulated. Your child deserves a challenge so that they can be motivated to excel at whatever life throws at them. Discover these five reasons that an online high school can be a great fit!

How to Set Meaningful Goals in 2022

Written by Nicole Dalbo on Monday, 24 January 2022. Posted in Helpful Tips

Girl taking notes in open notebook.

It’s the start of a new year, and we know that there’s a lot that you want to accomplish. The biggest question you’re probably asking is where to start. No matter what you’re aiming to do, mapping out a plan to reach your goals is a great way to succeed in all aspects of your life. To get you on track, we have some great tips so that you can create, and crush, your goals in 2022.

3 Ways Online High School Students Can Make Friends

Written by Des Sinkevich on Tuesday, 11 January 2022. Posted in Helpful Tips

Teenage boys hanging out outside.

There are many benefits to enrolling your child in an accredited, online high school program, from allowing them to learn at the pace that’s best for their needs to ensuring they have a safe learning environment. But one worry many parents – and online students – have is that they won’t be able to make friends and build relationships the same way kids in traditional school settings would. However, online students can, and do, make friends in a variety of ways that don’t include bonding over sharing the same class schedule. In fact, having to make friends in a slightly different manner can even help them build strong emotional intelligence, have a more diverse circle of friends, and be more accepting of others. Whether you’ve already enrolled your child in an online high school program or you’re considering doing so, here’s how you can help your student thrive and make friends as an online student.

4 Ways to Get a High School Diploma Early

Written by Nicole Dalbo on Monday, 03 January 2022. Posted in Helpful Tips

Graduate holding out a diploma.

High school doesn’t have to take four years to complete—there are ways you can finish in less time! Whether you’re looking to go to college or begin your career right after high school, online education can help you meet those goals faster while still receiving a quality education. Discover four great reasons how an online high school education may help you earn your diploma sooner!

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