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5 Ways Gifted Students Can Benefit From Online High School

Written by Nicole Dalbo on Thursday, 03 February 2022. Posted in Helpful Tips

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For gifted students, a traditional high school setting may not be able to engage your child’s mind to its full potential. When teachers go at a pace that fits the whole class, it can leave your child bored and under -stimulated. Your child deserves a challenge so that they can be motivated to excel at whatever life throws at them. Discover these five reasons that an online high school can be a great fit!

1. Learn at their own pace

So much time is wasted for gifted students when they sit in school bored, spending time in lessons about things they already have mastered. Your child has the ability to excel, so let them excel! Online high school allows a student to go at a pace that suits them. When your child is ready to take an exam and move onto their next lesson, they can do so at a speed that matches their learning style.

2. Get individualized attention.

In an online school setting, your child can finally be the sole focus when they need help. Academic Advisors are at the ready to answer any question they may have — and they’re just a phone call away! In traditional high schools, teachers must answer questions so that the whole class can understand, but Academic Advisors can respond to your child at their own advanced level. The best part is that if your child has further questions, the advisors can respond right away because of this great 1-on-1 environment.

3. Prepare for college.

James Madison’s College Prep Program is designed for students that want a challenge while preparing for college. Students can engage in various academically challenging classes like Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, and College Prep English wherever they have a mobile device! Your child will have access to classes that will challenge their mind and look impressive to colleges for when they apply.

4. Gain independence and time-management skills.

Because JMHS is taken completely at a student’s own pace, it’s a great chance for your child to gain independence and learn some great time-management skills! Your child will be in total control of setting and accomplishing their educational goals. These skills are great to develop early in life, instead of struggling to grasp them while in a college or career setting.

5. Graduate faster.

In an online school setting, your child isn’t bound by semester length or start time. When your child completes a class, they can confidently move onto the next at their own convenience. This also means that your child can finish their high school education quicker than they would be able to in a traditional classroom setting and confidently move onto to the next stage in their life—whether that be college or a career! Your advanced student deserves to progress at a pace that both challenges and excites them, and James Madison High School can make that happen. For more information on enrolling in James Madison, contact our Admissions Specialists at .

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Nicole Dalbo

Nicole Dalbo

Nicole Dalbo studied English Literature with a minor in Women’s Studies from the University of Scranton and is currently working toward her MS in Marketing. When she isn’t writing, Nicole can be found watching the newest Marvel movie, baking something sweet, or jamming out to live music.