High School + Sterile Processing

Sterile Processing Part 2

Sterile Processing Part 2 focuses on sterilization practices, quality assurance, safety, technologies, communications, and case studies. Gain practical skills while you’re earning your high school diploma. JMHS gives you the opportunity to work at your own pace and earn a regionally-accredited high school diploma plus a Career Pathways Certificate by logging in to class from virtually anywhere.

Sterile Processing Part 2 is available only as part of the High School + Sterile Processing program and is not available for individual purchase. It is part of a 2-semester program that includes Sterile Processing Part 1. If you’re considering professional certification as sterile processor after graduation, enroll in our General Diploma + Sterile Processing Career Pathways track today.

Course Summary

  • Course Name: Sterile Processing Part 2
  • Subject Area: Career
  • Credits: 1 Unit
  • Track: Career Pathways
  • Price: Not Available For Single Purchase
  • Syllabus: Course Syllabus (PDF)
  • Book(s): Central Service Technical Manual (8th ed.). International Association of Healthcare Central Service Materiel Management (2016)

Course Description

The Sterile Processing program is designed to provide the student the knowledge and skills required for entry-level work as a sterile processing technician. The program focuses on introductory sterile processing concepts and professional proficiencies. It will prepare students to execute the necessary activities that are performed daily in the sterile processing department. The program is designed to develop the comprehension learners need to sit for the Certified Registered Central Service Technician (CRCST) exam through the International Association of Healthcare Central Service Materiel Management (IAHCSMM)*.

*The CRCST certification requires that you pass the certification exam and complete 400 hours of hands-on experience in a sterile processing department. These hours can be completed before testing or within 6 months of passing the exam. For more information, visit the IAHCSMM website: https://www.iahcsmm.org. James Madison High School does not require you to complete the CRCST examination or the 400 hours of hands-on training as part of your studies.

Sterile Processing Part 2 is part of our High School + Sterile Processing curriculum. Call 1-800-349-6861 or enroll online now!