High School + Medical Office Assisting

Medical Office Assistant Part 2

Medical Office Assistant Part 2 focuses on the clinical aspects of medical office assisting. You’ll study vital signs, physical exams, minor surgeries and emergencies, labs, pharmacology, and more while you’re earning your high school diploma. JMHS gives you the opportunity to work at your own pace and earn a regionally-accredited high school diploma plus a Career Pathways Certificate by logging in to class from virtually anywhere.

Medical Office Assistant Part 2 is available only as part of the High School + Medical Office Assisting program and is not available for individual purchase. It is part of a 2-semester program that includes Medical Office Assistant Part 1. If you’re considering a career working in a medical office after graduation, enroll in our General Diploma + Medical Office Assisting Career Pathways track today.

Course Summary

  • Course Name: Medical Office Assistant Part 2
  • Subject Area: Career
  • Credits: 1 Unit
  • Track: Career Pathways
  • Price: Not Available For Single Purchase
  • Syllabus: Course Syllabus (PDF)
  • Book(s): Pearson’s Comprehensive Medical Assisting: Administrative and Clinical Competencies (4th ed.), N. Beaman, K. Routh, L. Papazian-Boyce, R. Maly, and J. Nguyen. Pearson Education, Inc. (2018)

Course Description

The Medical Office Assistant course is designed to provide the student the knowledge and skills required for entry‐level work performing the administrative and clinical functions of a medical assistant. Part 2 of the course focuses more on the clinical setting. Students learn how to assist physicians with examinations, prepare patients for laboratory and diagnostic imaging procedures, and administer medications. Graduates are eligible to sit for the Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) exam administered by the National Healthcareer Association (NHA).

Medical Office Assistant Part 2 is part of our High School + Medical Office Assisting curriculum. Call 1-800-349-6861 or enroll online now!