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High School Homeschool: Switching from Traditional to Online Schooling

Written by James Madison High School on Wednesday, 08 March 2017. Posted in Helpful Tips, Traditional Students

High School Homeschool: Switching from Traditional to Online Schooling

For many students, learning can simply be difficult. It’s easy to say that it’s the student’s fault, that they are not studying or trying hard enough. And sometimes that is true, but often, the problem is the environment. Brick and mortar high schools can be highly distracting. Luckily, you can complete high school homeschool online with James Madison High School and study in an environment that works for you.

Here three reasons why traditional high school might not work for you, and why high school homeschool online is a much better option for many students.

1. Social Pressures Create Too Many Distractions

There are so many social pressures and situations in high schools. Who is wearing what? What did so and so say about that person? Who’s got the hottest car, or the nicest phone? Bullying, bad teachers, on an on it goes. The list is nearly endless.

Most of those problems simply don’t exist with high school homeschool online. You’ll be free to study void of these distractions in the environment of your choosing. The addition by subtraction means a much better learning environment.

2. Underperforming Teachers, Inadequate Resources

Most teachers are tried and true professionals. They know that teaching is an art, and many of them are true artists. (We know, we hire and work with many of these teachers.) But some teachers just don’t make the cut, and some schools simply lack resources, like enough space for students, good text books, and everything else.

These are issues you will never run into when you choose the high school homeschool online route. JMHS hand-picks the very best to join our faculty and run our online learning programs and has all of the latest course materials and learning resources for students to use.

3. There’s No Flexibility with Most Traditional High Schools

Not a morning person? Most teenagers aren’t. But traditional high school is going to start at the same time, regardless. And you’ll be expected to show up, and on time. Need to leave early to go work a job? Again, you’re out of luck.

But not with high school homeschool online. With JMHS, you can build your school schedule around your busy life—not the other way around. The flexibility allows you to learn on your own time.

High School Homeschool May Be The Better Option

High school homeschool online offers another, often better option for many students. Sit down and answer these questions to see if it might be the right fit for you:

  • What are my learning needs?
  • Where do I focus best?
  • When do I have the time?

Once you figure out your optimal learning environment and time, you just might find that learning online with JMHS works best for your busy life. Take a look at our flexible and affordable online learning programs and see.

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