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Earn Your High School Diploma YOUR Way

Written by James Madison High School on Thursday, 06 June 2019. Posted in Traditional Students

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You’re an individual with your own thoughts, opinions, talents, and interests. You might have a lot in common with your friends and family, but you’re still the only version of you in the world. Everyone is different, and you have your own path toward success, so why should that path include earning your high school diploma the same exact way as everyone else? Traditional schools are designed to fit how most students learn best, but not everyone learns the same way.

You’re One of A Kind and Your Education Should Be, Too!

Students who may not feel comfortable with what works for most can find themselves struggling to stay on track with their studies and may even decide to give up. But you can complete high school in a way that works for you with a more flexible, online approach. Here’s how you can do you and get the most out of your studies with James Madison High School.

You’re the driving force when you study online.

When each student in your class has different strengths, going through your courses at the same speed can mean that you don’t have the time to spend fully learning a topic. If you’re stuck on something you’re learning in science, but everyone else seems to be way ahead of you, you have to work harder to keep up. Or if the subject you’re studying seems tough for others, but comes naturally to you, you can find yourself getting bored waiting for everyone else to catch up. Either way, your education isn’t fitting your specific needs. That’s where an online, nationally accredited high school program can help.

With JMHS, you are able to choose your pace, log in to study, and take exams when you’re ready. Being able to personalize how, when, and where learning happens allows you to take on each lesson at your speed. Whether you’re a traditional-aged high school student or an adult learner, you’re the force behind your educational momentum.

You’ve got a support team when you need them.

As someone in charge of their education, you may want to do as much as you can on your own. After all, you do have the time to go at a pace that works for you so you can find the answers and figure it out yourself. But when you get stuck on a particularly tough subject and can’t seem to find your way through the material, your motivation can start taking a hit. Instead of getting behind on your study goals, you’ve got a support team available when and if you need them.

Your teachers, academic advisors, and student services teams are there for you, but they also know that so many students are independent and don’t actually want someone constantly checking in on their progress. When it’s necessary for you, you can reach out for help and discuss problems with the right team.

Decide what path you want your future to take.

As a one of a kind student, following the same curriculum path to graduation and your future as everyone else just doesn’t make sense, right? Traditional high school’s offer extracurriculars, but those classes might not be geared toward what you want to do in the future. With James Madison, you’re able to pick your path. If you are looking to finish your high school studies to meet a personal goal or for a job, a more general curriculum is probably what you’re looking for.

Planning to head to college right after graduation? The college prep curriculum, which offers more rigorous coursework geared toward providing the kind of courses college admissions teams may look for from applicants, could be for you.

Or maybe you’ve always known what you’ve wanted to do for a career. Taking the first steps toward a particular career with introductory coursework while you’re completing standard high school requirements can help you get ready for your future. That’s where a career pathway curriculum comes in!

No matter what you’re thinking about for your future, you’re able to choose the path that works for you.

Start your adventure with James Madison High School.

You’re the only you in the world, and your education should be as unique as you are. Whether you’re earning your high school diploma as an adult, or you’re looking for a homeschool option that allows you to reach your goals on your schedule, with online, self-paced courses, you can take the first step toward mapping out the future you’re looking forward to.To start your James Madison adventure, reach out to our admissions team today at .

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