3 Tips to Help High School Homeschool Students Pass Their Exams

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3 Tips to Help High School Homeschool Students Pass Their Exams

It doesn’t matter if you’re taking classes at the local brick and mortar high school, or through an online high school; passing an exam is no easy task. If you’re a high school homeschool student here are three tips that could help you ace your exams.

1. Read Through the Definitions and Connect Them

Exams and tests will often test your skills when it comes to remembering definitions. If you take the time to memorize all of your definitions, you’ll be far more likely to pass your exam. You should also try to connect all of the definitions together to create a larger picture. Tests often ask questions about themes, and if you know all of the definitions and how they are related, you’ll have an easier time understanding the themes.

2. Take a Leisurely Skim Right Before the Test

You should always read all of your required texts, however you might not be able to read the entire text right before you take the exam. Time is limited, so learning how to skim texts you’ve already read is a great way to prepare for your high school homeschool tests.

Try reading the first sentence of a paragraph, then any bolded definitions or terms in the middle of the paragraph and finally, the last sentence. This is often enough to deduce the overall meaning of the paragraph, and more importantly, to jar your memory.

3. Read Each Question Twice

It is so easy to make a simple mistake and to misread a question. Misreading just a single word or number is often enough to ensure that you’ll get a question wrong. So, read each question twice, slowly. This might seem tedious but it could go a long way towards getting you a higher score on your high school homeschool exams.

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