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Military Families


Military Homeschooling with Online High School

The average military-connected child will face relocation more than twice during high school. A recent survey shows that most will attend at least 9 schools during their K-12 years. James Madison High School realizes that transitioning your child to multiple new schools can be nerve-racking. Our military homeschooling online high school programs are designed to provide consistency and normalize your child’s high school education with each PCS.


Why Online High School for Military Families?

James Madison High School recognizes and supports the importance of homeschooling for military families. Because our high school curriculum is portable, your child can continue their education with no interruption anywhere in the world your family PCS's. Online high school at JMHS addresses the unique needs of military homeschooling and resolves issues such as...

  • Frequent PCSing or deployment
  • Poor public school districts near base
  • Varying teaching standards across school districts
  • Curriculum adjustments at each new location

Academic Success with Military Homeschooling

No matter where your military-connected child is in their high school career, James Madison’s online high school for military families offers a regionally accredited curriculum aligned to Common Core English and Math standards. Your child will receive the education needed for success today and in the future.

Good News For Military Recruits

James Madison High School and other online high schools have recently been elevated in status from Tier 2 to Tier 1 by the Department of Defense. This gives priority status to new recruits who graduate from JMHS, eliminating caps on enlistment. Previously, only a small percentage of prospective enlistees from Tier 2 schools could be accepted.

 Important Information For Military Students About James Madison High School Tier 1 Status

JMHS High School Tier 1 Status

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I learned much more from your program than what I was learning in my old school. My dad has recommended JMHS to the parents of three of my friends.  

– Justin R.


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