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Homeschooling for High School Students

For parents who prefer to homeschool their children, James Madison High School offers an ideal homeschool curriculum solution. The decision to homeschool is made easier with James Madison High School because you are assured of a regionally accredited curriculum and approved study materials that are aligned to Common Core State Standards in English and Math, confirming our online high school’s commitment to meeting the highest accepted academic criteria.


Why Homeschool with James Madison High School?

The JMHS online high school curriculum fits homeschooling students because it is 100% self-paced. There are no set course or study schedules and students learn independently using eBooks (online textbooks) from highly respected high school textbook publishers.* It's the ultimate in flexibility! Our homeschool curriculum provides an individualized learning experience customized to each child's needs. JMHS online allows parents to...

  • Stay involved in the learning process
  • Cultivate study habits that are best for your child
  • Fit other learning opportunities into the homeschool day
  • Let your child participate in the extracurricular activities of your choice
  • Give your child personal attention for problem subjects
  • Put enthusiasm and enjoyment into education for your child

To learn more about our high school curriculum for homeschooling, visit the General Learning Track or College Prep Learning Track curriculum now.

Reasons to Homeschool

An estimated 1.9 million children participate in homeschooling, and while a k-12 homeschool curriculum is popular, nearly half of homeschool students are in grades 9 through 12.Studies show homeschooled children often out-perform their peers in public and private schools. In fact, one nationwide study shows homeschoolers scoring 37 percentile points above public school students on standardized tests.†

Whether your interest in homeschooling derives from concerns about traditional high school social pressures, inadequacies in the quality of instruction, the health needs of your child, or your desire to provide a non-traditional approach to education, James Madison High School online gives you the control to ignite your child's love for learning.

*Hard copy textbooks are also available at your option.

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Now I can get the job of my dreams! This is the smartest thing I ever did. I just want to thank James Madison High School for letting me try again.  

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