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Why Celebrating Your Successes is Important in Online School

Written by James Madison High School on Wednesday, 08 July 2020. Posted in Helpful Tips

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Online homeschool takes dedication and work. You need to independently guide your study pace, decide how and when to study, and what your exam schedule looks like. You’re taking control of your education, which is something to be proud of! But often, when you’re in charge, it’s not easy to see each successfully completed test or class as the huge accomplishment it is. As an online student, you’re doing something to be proud of every day. Here’s why you should celebrate your wins and how to get started!

Celebrate your achievements to stay motivated

Acknowledging small successes can help you build confidence and stay motivated to power through your classes. If you’ve finished a class with a passing grade—whether that’s a 70 or a perfect score, celebrate the fact that you PASSED. School isn’t easy—traditional or online school—so just completing one class is awesome progress. Even better, when you finish up one course, you can use that feeling of success to empower you to keep pushing forward.

Each lesson you complete is one more step toward graduation and are stepping stones for building up your self-confidence one class at a time. Remember, you’ve got this!

How to celebrate your accomplishments

You don’t have to throw a big party every time you pass a class. There are easy and quick ways to reward yourself for your hard work and make sure you acknowledge you’ve done a great job. Here are some ways you can celebrate your success!

  • When you finish a lesson. Take a break! You’ve spent time reading and taking notes, so reward yourself by taking a short break to relax and do something you enjoy.
  • When you pass an exam. Congrats! Passing an exam is exciting, especially when you’ve put in time studying. You can celebrate by taking the rest of the day off, indulging in a favorite treat, or shouting out your success on social media.
  • When you finish a class. This is a huge accomplishment and you should be so proud! You’re one less class away from graduating and that needs to be celebrated. You can treat yourself with any of the previously mentioned ways or come up with your own fun reward. That could be buying that shirt you’ve been waiting to get or spending some downtime with your family.
  • When you graduate. You did it! You accomplished a major milestone and are ready to take your next steps in life, whether that’s starting a career or pursuing further education. This deserves a huge celebration! Throw yourself a small party, take graduation pictures, and give yourself a shout out!

How to get a JMHS shout out on social media

Your family is proud of your success and so are we. Besides wanting to make sure you get acknowledged for this huge accomplishment, your success can inspire other students working their way through the program. When you graduate, make sure to take a few great pictures to send us so we can share with everyone on JMHS’s social media pages. Here’s how to take and send a perfect shout out photo with us.

  • Have someone take your photo in your graduation gear or with your diploma.
  • Make sure the photo is clear and appropriate to share.
  • Don’t use a funny filter. Who doesn’t love to make themselves look nearly perfect with a great filter? And everyone has fun taking selfies with the silly options available in Instagram and Snapchat. However, the filter could distract from your achievement so a straightforward picture or selfie is your best bet for seeing the “congrats” roll in on the James Madison page.
  • Direct message us your photo on Instagram or Facebook. Don’t forget to share a few words about yourself and the amazing work you’ve done.
  • Tag us on Instagram or Facebook. We’ll see your post and have the opportunity to share it to the page.

Whether you’re a traditional student graduating from online high school or an adult learner who has been able to finish what they couldn’t when they were younger, you’ve just done something big. Congratulations! We can’t wait to see what you accomplish in the future.

You can also celebrate taking the first steps toward a high school education

Finished classes and passed exams aren’t the only thing you can celebrate. When you first enroll in James Madison High school, you’re taking the next step toward reaching our goals, whatever they are. With our flexible, online homeschooling program, you can get started on carving out a path for your future whenever you’re ready. Reach out to our expert Admissions team today at to get started.

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