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What You Can Learn From Online High School

Written by James Madison High School on Wednesday, 24 June 2020. Posted in Helpful Tips

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When you’re enrolled in an online high school diploma program like James Madison’s, you’ll cover the standard subjects you’d take in a traditional high school setting. Students study subjects like English and math, which are aligned to Common Core standards, as well as history, science, and elective courses. But there’s more you can learn from taking online high school classes, outside of the academics. Here’s what you can learn from online homeschooling.


Whether you’re an adult learner coming back to finish your high school credits, or a traditional student who prefers a homeschool curriculum, setting your own pace in your studies allows you to learn how to be an independent student. You have the opportunity to own your education and do it your way. Through managing your studies and determining the pace you learn at, you can grow your independence, a great skill to carry into your future career.

Time management

As a student in a self-paced, online high school program, managing your time is essential to successfully completing your diploma. Besides learning the basic curriculum, having to create your own schedule and decide when, and how long, you should study can help you build strong time management skills that can be an asset when you’re applying for jobs or in college.


At James Madison High School, you’re responsible for your progress. You decide how to study, when to take your exams, and how you’re going to take notes. Learning organization skills will help you find success in your course and benefit you in the future when applying for jobs or colleges. Working independently on your high school diploma forces you to learn how to organize your notes, schedule, and more—and by the time you’ve graduated, organization could be second nature to you!


With each passing grade, successfully completed class, and submitted project, you’re building up small accomplishments that can grow your confidence. As an online student, you’re pushing yourself forward and are responsible for your successes (though there are academic support resources, so you’re not alone), so have a right to be proud and confident when you graduate. That self-confidence can help you become a strong candidate for jobs, write amazing resumes, and even excel in interviews.

Grow with James Madison High School

Our online homeschooling program allows students like you to work through high school at the pace the best suits your needs and goals. With a standard curriculum or one of our career pathway diplomas, you can earn your high school diploma while picking up other essential skills. To find out more about getting started, reach out to our expert Admissions team at .

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