What Should Your Online High School Daily Schedule Look Like?

Written by James Madison High School on Tuesday, 21 June 2016. Posted in Homeschooler

What Should Your Online High School Daily Schedule Look Like?

The “ideal” high school online schedule will be the one that best suits the needs of you and your family. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t common trends that tend to lead to higher grades, and a smoother school year. Your own needs may be different, but there are many things you should consider. A lot of people end up with similar schedules, but your own needs may be different.

Flexibility is actually one of the strengths to high school online, so make sure you use it! At the same time, once your schedule is set, make sure you stick to it!

Start in the Morning

Sleeping in is a temptation, and while you should make sure you are rested, waking up early every day is a good idea. In the future, college and your career will mostly require you to wake up in the morning, so get into the habit while in high school online! Generally, it's best to wake up, eat breakfast, and do something to “stretch” your brain, like reading some course material.

Take Breathers, But Stay Focused

One of the most important concepts of any high school online is balance. You have to stay focused on your studies. It's okay to take a ten-minute break at the end of each hour or long section, but make sure you don't sit around and waste time. Make sure you limit your breaks to ten minutes or less, and make exceptions only if you have a designated break period (which is a good idea!)

Finish by Dinner Time

You should be finished with your studies by dinner time. While you can save some light reading or other little assignments as a wind down before you go to bed, it's important to get most of the work finished early. So make sure you set aside enough time for each high school online section so you can complete them.

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