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What is Credit Recovery?

Written by James Madison High School on Tuesday, 04 September 2018. Posted in College Bound, Helpful Tips

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Credit recovery courses allow high school students to earn credits for coursework they need in order to graduate. Typically, credit recovery courses are used by students who failed or are unable to access a course required for graduation. Completing the course independently through an online high school allows them to “recover” the necessary credits needed to complete their education.

In addition to making up credit for courses that a student missed, failed, or did not complete, individual high school courses are ideal for

  • taking a class or two to catch up with your graduating class
  • getting a summer school education
  • supplementing a homeschool curriculum

Other reasons credit recovery may be necessary include overbooked classes that students can’t access, or a high school only offers certain courses during summer school and a student needs to work full time.

A chance to get ahead

Outside of lack of access and failed courses, more and more students are seeking out credit recovery courses in order to gain a leg up. JMHS Principal Megan Bowen notes that the flexibility and affordability of online credit recovery programs allows students seeking to “amp” up their credits plenty of room to maneuver.

“Our JMHS credit recovery courses are online and self-paced, with open enrollment and no start or end date,” explains Bowen. “Students start when they’re ready, work through the courses as their schedules allow and learn at their own pace. So even students with a full schedule at a traditional brick-and-mortar school can still find time to squeeze in, say, a Spanish II course.”

JMHS offers 40+ single-purchase courses in English, math, science, history, geography and foreign language. All single-purchase recovery courses are available on demand, year-round.

The benefit of online learning

Recovery courses are available through multiple outlets, but the advantages that come with self-paced, online learning are hard to beat, especially for students and families with busy schedules.

“We have student athletes or students who work full-time or students who simply travel with their families and, for each of them, the ability to do their coursework on the road, in an airport, or in-between matches means the difference between graduating on time or not,” says Bowen.

All students considering recovery credits are advised to check with their school’s counselor and administrators to ensure credits earned will transfer in. National accreditation is often important in these instances.

Using online high school credit recovery courses to complete or supplement an education can make the difference between graduating on time, with friends to placement in college courses. If you have questions about credit recovery, call a JMHS Admission Advisor at 1-800-349-6861 or, if you’re ready to move forward enroll online.

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