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Top 10 Apps to Help You Pass Online High School Courses

Written by James Madison High School on Thursday, 15 October 2015. Posted in Helpful Tips

Top 10 Apps to Help You Pass Online High School Courses

When taking online high school courses, support can mean the difference between passing and passing with flying colors. These ten apps will help you stay organized and improve your productivity all year long.

1. Google Drive (Google Play, iTunes, free)

Don't lose important files. Save all your video, photo, and document files on the Google Drive app so they are backed up safely. Others can view, edit, or leave comments.

2. Evernote (Google Play, iTunes, free)

Store notes, files, photos, and more and sync them across all your devices. Write to-do lists for your assignments and record voice memos so you don't forget.

3. Notability (iTunes, $5.99)

Take notes like a pro with Notability, a PDF annotator. Extras include highlighters, pens, shapes, and more. Organize your notes with the in-app filing system.

4. Grammar Up (Google Play, $2.99)

Make grammar more fun with Grammar Up. This app takes you through parts of speech, conditionals, infinitive, gerunds and more with lessons and multiple-choice quizzes.

5. iStudiez Pro (iTunes, $2.99)

iStudiez Pro can alleviate a lot of student stress. It allows you to schedule classes and coursework, manage your grades, and get an accurate picture of what you need to improve

6. 30/30 (Google Play, iTunes, free)

This ultimate time management tool lets you break down tasks into short bursts of time. Schedule 30 minutes for math, 20 minutes for science, etc., with the app timers and get your work done.

7. Textmaker (Google Play, free)

This writing tool is a word processor with a set of features similar to Word. Bold, italicize, underline, cut, copy, and paste—it's all available here. It's also compatible with Dropbox, Evernote, SkyDrive, and Google Drive.

8. Graphing Calculator (Google Play, iTunes, free)

This app makes solving quadratic equations and square roots easy. It's a weightless way to access the power of a TI-86 graphing calculator online.

9. ToDoist (Google Play, iTunes, free)

Students can manage tasks from anywhere, even when offline. Stay organized and plan ahead, so you don't hand in any late assignments for your online high school courses. Check out sub-tasks, color-codes projects, and more.)

10. Rescue Time (PC, free and premium plans)

Don't get distracted online. Get weekly summaries of your online productivity—complete with graphs and pie charts. You can even block some sites like Facebook and Twitter for 30-minute increments.

Grab your device or laptop and download these apps. Before you know it you will skyrocket to success in your online high school courses!

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