Three Online High School Testing Tips for Improving Your Test Scores

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Three Online High School Testing Tips for Improving Your Test Scores

Every online high school lesson is accompanied by an online test to show you understand the material. It's just a fact of school and studying. Some tests can be extremely stressful and even students who study and know the material can do poorly on tests. Why? Because they panic, rush, don't read the directions, or don't adopt the proper test taking strategies.

Luckily, we've got you covered! Read on to learn some essential online test taking skills and strategies:

Eliminate The Wrong Answers First

If you're taking a multiple choice online test for one of your online high school courses, then the first thing you should do is eliminate the obviously wrong answers. Often, a multiple choice problem will have one or two answers that are obviously wrong. Cross those off the list first, then concentrate on the answers that might be right.

Once the list of choices is shortened, you'll be more likely to figure out the right answer. At the very worst, if you're forced to guess, you'll increase your chances of guessing right. However, students should avoid guessing as much as possible.

Skip the Hard Problems, for Now

As long as your online high school tests allow you to skip ahead and go back, you should skip hard questions if you don't know the answer. Often, tests are timed, so it's important to make sure you get through all of the answers and questions that you know. Also, while completing easier questions, you might suddenly remember the answer to a harder question you skipped! This happens all the time, so you can actually go back and finish off the earlier questions you skipped! Warming up with easier questions can definitely make the harder questions easier. You might even find an answer within another question!

Read the Directions, Know the Format, and Stay Calm

You'd be surprised how often students get questions wrong simply because they didn't read the directions or the question hard enough. For example, a question might ask you to select two out of four choices. Or you may be stressed and accidentally misread the question and select the wrong answer as a result.

So while going through your tests for your online high school courses, make sure you take a deep breath, stay calm, and read all of the questions properly. Then, after you understand the directions, and the question, try your best to come up with the right answer. There is no prize for finishing first.

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