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Questions on enrolling?
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Questions on enrolling? We're here 9am-9pm ET Mon-Fri


This Spring, the Outdoors is Your Classroom

Written by James Madison High School on Sunday, 02 April 2017. Posted in Traditional Students, Just for Fun

This Spring, The Outdoors Is Your Classroom

Think of your traditional high school. Most likely, the scene is filled with crowded cinder block classrooms, cheap carpet, tiny desks, dilapidated lockers, on and on. Sadly, many of America’s high schools haven’t been holding up well over the years.

Now think of a beautiful, green park. Where would you rather study?

Fact is, you don’t have to stay trapped in your traditional brick and mortar high school. By enrolling in James Madison’s online high school you can enjoy freedom! Want to study at the park or out on your porch, or perhaps at the patio of a local coffee shop? Believe it or not, that’s entirely possible.

Think of it this way, in most science courses you’ll spend your time viewing nature in books, or perhaps through movies. With online high school you can actually get out and see, touch and smell it. Head to a local wildlife refuge and study nature up close and personal! Or head to a nearby park or even your backyard. There are so many options!

Online high schools offer far more flexibility than traditional high schools. This includes not just where you study, but also how you study, and when you study. Need to sleep in? Go ahead! You set the pace and the time. Need to get out of school at 1pm to go to work? Again, you can do it! You can do just about anything!

Of course, you’ll still have to study. Yet with spring having arrived and the summer on its heels, there’s no reason to restrain yourself to a classroom. Instead, you can enjoy the flexibility that comes with online high school courses and learn when and where you please.

Heck, you can even head to the beach, or enjoy some time hiking all while earning your high school diploma online. You can even continue learning on family vacations and trips. Heading to Europe for a month? You can still work toward your high school diploma via online learning!

Many students simply learn better when they aren’t cooped up in a classroom. Sometimes a change of scenery or breath of fresh air is exactly what you need to focus. So, this spring and summer, don’t limit yourself to a few cramped and uncomfortable classrooms. Consider learning online with James Madison High School.

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