Summertime Studying

Written by James Madison High School on Tuesday, 17 May 2016. Posted in College Bound, Homeschooler

Summertime Studying

Summer is just around the corner – and that means sleeping in, hanging out with friends and enjoying sunny days outside! But what if I told you, for just a few hours of your time each day, you could enjoy this freedom during your next school year too? Completing courses and earning credits over the summer break may seem like a hassle, but you might change your mind after reading these 3 points:

1. Free up some space in next year’s schedule

By investing just a little bit of time and effort in the summer, you can get some easier courses out of your way for next year. Use the extra blocks of free time to study for your more difficult classes, or simply enjoy the added freedom!

2. Get better grades!

Even if you don’t complete any courses during the summer, staying fresh with what you’ve learned so far and skimming through next year’s curriculum will give you a leg up come autumn. While everyone else has to brush up on last year’s lessons, you are already prepared for the work ahead.

3. Can you say “early graduation”?

By taking classes and earning credits during the summer, the opportunity to graduate early opens up. This can mean getting a head start in college, and therefore a head start in your career! Some courses you can take during the summer will most likely count towards your college as well.

It’s a smart idea to talk to a school counselor about taking on some work during the summer months. The best part about high school online is that you’ll still have loads of free time to enjoy your break. Use your time wisely, and the payoff in the end could be huge!

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