Succeed in Summer School: Online High School Test‐Taking Tips

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Succeed in Summer School: Online High School Test‐Taking Tips

Taking online high school classes during the summer is a great way to catch up or get ahead for the upcoming academic year. Consider these tips for making test­-taking a breeze:

Before the Test

  • Don't cram. Memorizing is not the most effective way to study. Instead, prepare for the test by studying a little bit each day. Spaced repetition is a learning technique that breaks up the material into bite-­sized bits.
  • Review right away. The latest research shows that going over your notes within 24 hours of taking them can increase your retention by up to 60%.
  • Copy it over. It may seem like a basic way to review, but writing out the material by hand helps you to retain new information. Jot down the main ideas after reading each chapter.
  • Take a practice test. Take advantage of the opportunity to get even more familiar with the material by taking practice tests. If there aren't any handy, ask a study partner to make one up for you and you can return the favor.
  • Be the teacher. Once you feel comfortable with the material, ask a friend if you can teach it to them. Doing so will help you retain the details for a longer period of time.

Taking the Test

The strategies to use when taking the test will depend on the type of exam you are taking:

  • Multiple choice. Read the question and come up with an answer before looking at the options. Then read every choice to find the closest match. If you aren't sure of the answer, eliminate all of the options that you know are incorrect. In addition, if you are familiar with online high school programs, you know how important it is to save your work as you go along so as not to lose your answers!
  • Essays. Organization is the key to a good essay. First, develop an outline with the main ideas and supporting facts. Remember to only include one main idea per paragraph, and lead with the main point in the first sentence. Support the main idea with details and examples. Writing essays in a word processing program can serve as a backup if there are technical issues.

The results of your tests can provide a lot of useful information. Pay careful attention to any feedback. By incorporating these simple tips, you will be able to take your online high school tests with ease this summer!

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