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JMHS Celebrates 2021 Graduate of the Year Finalists

Written by Autumn Granza on Tuesday, 30 November 2021. Posted in Success Stories

Graduates throwing their caps in the air.

James Madison High School is proud of our students. We know our alumni are up to incredible things, whether it’s furthering their education or launching their careers. The Graduate of the Year submissions we received blew us away and three really stood out. Join us in celebrating our 2021 Graduate of the Year finalists.

Lovelee Henderson

Lovelee Henderson

An online learner since middle school, Lovelee wanted to continue to pursue an online education through high school as well.

She enrolled in our online High School Diploma Program and enjoyed the fact that she was able to work at her own pace and is thankful for the support and flexibility the school provides.

“I think what really drew me into James Madison was just how personal it was,” she said. “I didn’t have to worry about doing it all on my own because high school is a huge milestone. Completing high school was not easy. But I had a lot of teachers and faculty members who were able to help me through it.”

Lovelee was able to graduate in three years instead of four and is now pursuing her nursing degree at CCBC.

“I'm so proud of myself for graduating high school at 16 during a pandemic,” she said.

She believes JMHS helped prepare her for college.

“I’m really thankful for all the things James Madison has done to help me,” she said.

Listen to Lovelee’s full story on our Alumni Spotlight Podcast.

Kamilla Kenes

Kamilla Kenes

Kamilla wanted to learn at her own pace. That’s when she enrolled in JMHS.

Living in Kazakhstan, Kamilla made the decision to learn online, one that she said wasn’t easy.

“I thought learning online at my own pace without any interruption would be a lot more beneficial for me,” she said.

While at first Kamilla said she doubted herself and her abilities, she believes the experience of learning online made her stronger.

“I came [to the] realization that I have become more independent and observant than ever before,” she said. “This experience has taught me many things, but most importantly the fact that the most spontaneous and scary life decisions may become the reason for your personal growth.”

Since graduating, Kamilla has applied to universities in Kazakhstan and plans to earn a degree.

“James Madison has been an incredible experience for me,” she said.

Listen to Kamilla’s full story on our Alumni Spotlight Podcast.

Herman Alanis

Herman Alanis

Determined to earn his degree, Herman enrolled in JMHS.

He recognized the importance of a high school diploma and set his sights on finishing. He spent five to eight hours a night studying.

“I really dedicated myself because I really wanted to finish,” he said.

After graduating, Herman was able to enter the workforce and is grateful for the experience and skills he’s gaining. He also hopes to enroll in college soon.

“[Graduating high school] is the greatest achievement I ever did,” he said. “I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

Listen to Herman’s full story on our Alumni Spotlight Podcast.

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Autumn Granza

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