5 Apps That Will Help You in School

Written by James Madison High School on Wednesday, 15 June 2016. Posted in Study Tips

5 Apps That Will Help You in School

There’s an app for nearly everything, including completely pointless stuff like stapler simulators or funny noise generators. While there’s plenty of fun to be had with your smartphone or tablet, your mobile device can also save your life in the classroom—even if that classroom is online.

School-related apps can be especially helpful for remote students seeking their high school diploma online since they provide fast, easy guidance right at your fingertips. Here are five helpful apps to try out:

1. EasyBib (iTunes, Google Play)

Citing papers is a tedious process, especially when you bring different citation styles into the mix. EasyBib’s free app for Android and iOS handles bibliographies for you, all by simply scanning the book’s barcode or entering the title.

2. WolframAlpha (Product)

This app can calculate virtually anything, making it a valuable tool for math classes. Wolfram also offers access to course-specific apps to help you with your advanced physics or calculus courses this year.

3. Brainscape (iTunes)

Flashcards have been used as studying aids for decades, and Brainscape takes that study tool to a whole new level. Available on iTunes, the app lets you rate how well you know a topic and adjusts the timing for each card accordingly.

4. App (Product)

Looking up words is just part of’s app—you’ll also get access to Word of the Day, audio pronunciation, word origins, vocab quizzes, a translator, and many other options.

5. iHomework (iTunes)

For the iPhone and iPad, iHomework provides organization aids as well as access to Questria for research assistance. It helps you keep track of courses, grades, tests, and assignments, taking away from the chaos of getting your high school diploma online. If you’re looking forward to getting your high school diploma online or elsewhere, these apps can help.

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