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30 Useful Study Apps & Websites for High School Students (Free and Paid)

Written by Lauren Ambrosio on Friday, 08 September 2023. Posted in Helpful Tips

Three high school students, each holding a smart phone in their hands.

Juggling your assignments, extracurricular activities, friends, and self-care becomes more difficult once you enter high school. You have so much to keep track of, so why not use every tool at your disposal? You're already spending time on your phone, so let's make those minutes count. From nailing that tough math problem to managing your ever-so-busy schedule, and even to filling those idle moments with something other than doom scrolling—there's an app for that. Keep reading as we dive into 30 apps and websites that can turn your phone from a distraction into the ultimate study buddy.

Studying and homework help apps

1. Quizlet

A classic, Quizlet allows you to create flashcards for any subject. It offers several modes for studying, like games and quizzes. Check out these tips for effective online learning that can complement your Quizlet sessions.

2. Khan Academy

Free courses on a multitude of subjects are available here. They even have a dashboard to track your progress.

3. Wolfram Alpha

Particularly beneficial for STEM students, this computational search engine can solve equations, generate plots, and much more.

4. Chegg Study

This is a paid app that provides step-by-step solutions to questions in textbooks. A great way to check your homework and understand how to approach problems.

5. Brainscape

An advanced flashcard app that uses spaced repetition to help you grasp new topics quickly. Ideal for language learning and mastering complex subjects.

6. EdX

Offers courses from universities around the globe. Perfect for those interested in advanced subjects or preparing for college.

7. Cram

Another flashcard app that lets you create and share your own flashcards. It also offers a variety of study modes to keep you engaged.

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Note-taking apps

8. Evernote

A popular note-taking app, Evernote allows you to sync notes across devices. It also offers features like scanning handwriting and clipping web articles.

9. Microsoft OneNote

Part of the Microsoft Office Suite, OneNote provides a platform for comprehensive notetaking. You can also collaborate with peers, a great feature for group studies.

10. Notability

This is especially useful for iPad users. Notability allows you to write handwritten notes and provides options for drawing diagrams.

11. SimpleNote

A fuss-free app that lets you jot down notes quickly and syncs across devices.

12. Bear

A note-taking app with a clean interface and advanced formatting options, available exclusively on Apple devices.

13. GoodNotes

Excellent for iPad users, this app allows for handwriting recognition and even lets you draw figures and diagrams with ease.

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Time management apps

14. Google Calendar

Schedule your classes, study time, and even extracurricular activities. Here are more tips for managing your time efficiently.

15. Todoist

Todoist is an extension of your web calendar that will keep you organized and stay on top of your schoolwork.

16. Forest

Stay focused on tasks by planting virtual trees that grow as you work. If you stray from the app, your tree will die, encouraging you to stay on track.

17. My Study Life

This app is a planner tailored for students, helping you keep track of your classes, exams, and assignments.

18. RescueTime

An app that runs in the background of your computer, tracking the time spent on various activities. It provides detailed reports to help you understand where your time goes.

19. Clockify

Perfect for high school students who juggle various activities. This app lets you track time spent on different subjects and projects.

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Multi-purpose apps

20. Google Drive

Store your study material, assignments, and notes on the cloud and access them from anywhere.

21. Microsoft Office

A suite of essential tools, including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Great for preparing assignments and presentations.

22. Grammarly

This extension can be added to your browser to help you write flawless essays and reports.

23. PhotoMath

Snap a photo of a math problem and get instant step-by-step solutions. Great for understanding how to tackle complex problems.

24. Turnitin

Though not an app, this online service is invaluable for checking plagiarism in your papers and essays.

25. SparkNotes

Mobile-friendly guides for understanding complex literature and subjects. A lifesaver for book reports and literature exams.

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Educational time wasters

26. Trivia Crack

A trivia game that can actually enhance your general knowledge. The categories include science, history, and more.

27. Elevate

This app offers mini-games designed to boost focus, speaking abilities, and more. Perfect for short breaks between study sessions.

28. Lumosity

Designed by neuroscientists, this app offers a variety of games to help improve your memory, attention, and other cognitive skills.

29. Audible

While not strictly a study app, listening to educational podcasts or audiobooks can enhance your learning.

30. Duolingo

A fun app for language learning that turns study sessions into a game.

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Honorable mention: Online learning blogs

Find helpful resources at JMHS

There are so many resources to help you get through high school, and they fit in the palm of your hand! You’re already on your phone anyway, so why not use it to help you with studying and researching, getting a handle on your time management, or playing stimulating time wasters? Don’t forget to check out JMHS’ student life blog, where you’ll find lots of real-world tips and tricks on how to make the most out of your time in high school. It isn’t always going to be easy, but high school can be a little less stressful if you find what works for you.

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