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Athletes & Performers


Online High School for Student Athletes and Performers

What makes young student athletes and performers turn to online high school to complete their education? Whether on set, on the ice or on the field, many student performers and athletes spend long hours honing their careers and literally need to take school with them wherever they go.


Why JMHS for Student Athletes and Performers?

James Madison High School’s online high school programs offer the amateur athlete or professional child the flexibility to learn while pursuing their careers. The JMHS curriculum is designed to meet individual learning styles. Plus, our online high school courses are portable; your child can study between takes or training sessions — anytime, anywhere. So, why choose JMHS for student athletes and performers?

Academic Success with JMHS Online High School

Whether your child’s professional career or athletic training is just beginning or well under way, James Madison High School’s regionally accredited curriculum and Common Core-informed English and Math materials will provide your child with the tools to achieve academic success.

Student Athletes & Performers

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Thank you to the entire James Madison High School staff for being so attentive and caring. Your people are great. I couldn’t have attended a better school that fit my schedule.  

– Jan B.


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