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Since 1996, James Madison High School has established itself as a leader in online high school programs for students of all ages. Our online high school diploma program is designed to help students flourish academically with an affordable, accredited distance education curriculum.


Who Does James Madison High School Serve?

Whereas traditional high schools uphold a "one size fits all" learning environment, JMHS online high school programs meet the needs of students in a variety of situations. This includes those who are at-risk, academically challenged, gifted and struggling for learning success.

JMHS High School Students Include:

We Serve Educators & Training Groups Including:

James Madison High School Students are Prepared for Success

The JMHS online learning experience is like no other. Our accredited curriculum and outstanding academic support services prepare all of our students for achievement in college, careers and beyond. At James Madison High School, we’re clearing the path to your successful tomorrow.

Online High School Programs

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I was happy doing it this way because I was able to go at my own pace, and I could get help anytime I needed it. I could still work and take care of my family.  

– Cristy Russell


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