Virtual High School Prepares the Aspiring NCAA Student Athlete

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Virtual High School Prepares the Aspiring NCAA Student Athlete

If you're a student athlete, there's a good chance you're dreaming about playing for NCAA Division I or II sports programs. Of course, it's hard to prepare for NCAA athletics when you're managing training hours and a strict high school class schedule. At James Madison High School, we support your athletic ambitions by providing you with the opportunity to study in a virtual high school environment that allows you to choose the courses that suit your skills and needs.

The JMHS range of NCAA-eligible high school courses is tailored specifically to the average student athlete who wants to achieve his or her dream of top division college athletics. Our NCAA-approved lesson plans prepare high school athletes for opportunities in sports like basketball, baseball, softball, football, cross country, tennis and more.

Balance Studies and Training Schedules at James Madison High School Online

The ultimate solution for high school athletes, JMHS allows you to take control of your education and gives you the freedom to train as much or as little as you need. We offer a wide range of courses that have earned NCAA eligibility, which means you can structure your athletic pursuits around your  virtual high school studies. Thanks to the JMHS NCAA student athlete curriculum, you can graduate with a high school diploma that gives you academic eligibility for any NCAA Division I or II school.

After earning your high school diploma online at JMHS, you will be eligible to play a number of NCAA-sanctioned sports including diving, wrestling, swimming, track and field, ice hockey, and rowing. With our flexible learning schedules, you can simply adjust your education to your training schedule while ensuring you have all the right courses for an NCAA school.

From NCAA-approved classes like College Prep, American History and online English courses, to our online biology course, online calculus course and online geometry course, we can help you reach your goals and make your long-term dreams a reality. Plus, if you choose, you can even access additional core academics like our online Spanish course! Thanks to the flexibility of a JMHS virtual high school academic schedule, you will never have to compromise your passion for athletics.

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