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Two Ways To Boost Your Confidence When Working Toward Your High School Diploma Online

Written by James Madison High School on Wednesday, 31 May 2017. Posted in Helpful Tips

Two Ways To Boost Your Confidence When Working Toward Your High School Diploma Online

If you’re pursuing your high school diploma through an online institution like James Madison High School, you’ll be able to enjoy the flexibility and convenience that comes along with learning online. But that doesn’t mean you won’t still encounter some hardships along the way to earning your high school diploma online. There will be some lows to go with the highs here too!

Rather than get down on yourself, here are two quick ways you can boost your confidence when times get tough.

Talk to Your Instructors and Fellow Students

It’s easy to get down on yourself when you’re learning on your own, but remember, with JMHS, you aren’t! Even though you’re homeschooling, you still have the support of a dedicated faculty and can connect with other students online. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, as trying to figure something out on your own can sometimes be a great way to dig a deeper hole. Communicating with someone can help you get a grasp on the topic, and move forward with confidence.

You can also offer assistance to other students. Helping someone else out is a great way to realize you’re doing OK after all!

Test Your Memory

Don’t think you have a hold on something or want to find out how well you do? Try testing yourself. Ask yourself questions about something you’ve been learning and jot down the answers. You may surprise yourself with what you’re able to regurgitate, but if not it’s no reason to fret. Now you’ve got the questions down that you need to go back and answer. You can find clarity in knowing what you don’t know and figure it out. It’s an exercise in enlightenment, not discouragement!

You can even circle back with one of our academic advisors to see where there are gaps in your learning and how to avoid them moving forward.

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