Top 3 Homeschooling Myths

Written by James Madison High School on Monday, 06 June 2016. Posted in Adult Learner, Homeschooler

Top 3 Homeschooling Myths

When it comes to earning a high school diploma online, there are a lot of myths and misunderstandings. The truth is, advancing technology and other factors have made it easier to build a holistic online high school experience. That's why we're going to clarify some myths, and suggest solutions to potential challenges.

Myth #1: There is No Way to Socialize

This is perhaps the most widespread myth when it comes to pursuing a high school diploma online. True, you won't be in class with classmates every day, but there will be other opportunities to socialize.

Finding clubs, study groups, and other ‘get togethers’ isn't difficult in most places. If you're going to complete a high school diploma online, you should look for opportunities to socialize. This way, you can pick up some important social skills all while having fun!

Myth #2: The Education Isn’t “Good Enough”

The technology behind high school diploma online courses and programs is now very advanced. This has helped greatly improve the quality of online education and has all but eliminated the gap between public schools and at-home, online education.

Admittedly, a high school diploma online course will require a lot more self-direction, but that's a good thing. College is essentially all self-directed study, and when it comes time to join the working world, bosses want employees who can work independently.

Myth #3: High School Diploma Online Tools Are Hard to Use

False. The answer really is that simple. In the past, high school diploma online tools were often a bit clunky and slow, but technology has advanced greatly since then. Most online tools are now very easy to use, and can accessed from just about any web-enabled device.

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